A balancing act?

Hi-dee-ho Neighbors!  🙂

How is everyone doing today?  Did you know that Tuesday is the new Friday? 😉  Yes yes it is, at least in my neck of the woods!  Whoop whoop to that.

So in honor of the upcoming holiday I thought I’d post some fun tips on how this Fanatic tries to have a balanced Thanksgiving day of eats — because let’s face it folks, there are some things that everyone should treat themselves to during this festive season!

A balancing act?

To me, Thanksgiving dinner involves making some trade-offs in order to get the most “bang-for-your-food-buck”!

The trick is knowing when the indulgence is worth it, which can obviously be subjective based on your own personal likes & dislikes.  For me, homemade stuffing with all the goods is a MUST.  So is pumpkin pie 🙂  However when it comes to turkey & buttered up potatoes… I could take it or leave it.

Here are some ways Fanatic Family will be “trimming the turkey” this year 😉

Serve vegetables, but try to keep them healthy (i.e. don’t drench them in butter).  Adding spices or nuts is always a fun option. 

See full size image

This year we are having sweet potato casserole, but instead of drenched in brown sugar and butter we serve it with pineapples & marshmallows just like my grandma used to.  Essentially fat-free!

Homemade stuffing is a must in my book  However, if you are making a homemade stuffing, try cutting down on butter by adding moisture using other ingredients (i.e. broth, wine, diced vegetables/fruit). 

Our Hazelnut, Sage & Mushroom Stuffing recipe calls for 1.5 sticks of butter, but with a lil’ extra wine & chicken broth I always cut that down to well under 1 stick without compromising flavor.  Every bit counts!

If you don’t love turkey skin, then don’t eat it!  You’ll get enough juicy flavor without all the added fat.

Serve a fruit side dish, such as cranberry salad, which does contain sugar however tends to be lower in fat and offers nutritious vitamins.

This year we are making a Cranberry & Apple Relish we learned at a Whole Foods cooking demo, the ingredient list is short and dominated by fruits.

Dessert to me is a “just-do-it!” & enjoy every bite kind of event!  Let’s face it friends, pumpkin pie is a fairly good dessert choice & if eaten in moderation never hurt anyone!!! 🙂

Also, for me, it’s important that I surround myself with not only my loved ones & good food during this time — but also some physical activity “before and after” style!

Go to fullsize image

Day Before:  A.M. Cardio3 Class at gym to get my body ready for some good eats.

Day After:  A.M. Kickboxing class at gym to sweat it all out.

This will leave me feeling debloated  refreshed and rejuvinated!

Do any of you have steps you take for staying healthy during the TDay holiday? 

Okay all this turkey talk has gotten me hungry, onto lunch eats for today!

First I started with the leftover salad from last night – including the Cheesecake Factory bread croutons which have apparently morphed into pizza-taste overnight… yes, holy yum.

Then I topped it with a variety of items from our work salad bar:  cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, banana peppers, carrots, sunflower seeds, shredded cheddar, grilled chicken and balsamic vinagrette.

And last but not least that sneaky leftover barbecue followed me to work 😉 so I had to put some on there too!

I also picked up some roasted veggies (zucchini, mushrooms & onions) to go alongside however don’t know that there is room in the ol’ belly after this ginormous salad beast!

Gotta save some room for chocolate 😉

So tonight is going to be a sisters in the kitchen kinda night… it’s Friday as far as I’m concerned so we plan on having some vino and cookin’ it up! 

See ya’ll back for more & have a lovely day  🙂


8 responses to “A balancing act?

  1. sounds like a blast! have so much fun! happy thanksgiving!!

  2. Great tips! I completely agree. Eat what you want in moderation!! Personally, I’m not going to have any vegetables. I know that sounds awful, and most people would recommend having veggies to help fill you up. But I would honestly rather fill up on other foods that I enjoy more (turkey & sweet potatoes). And yay for desserts!!

  3. Those were awesome tips!

    My mom makes an awesome cranberry/orange relish and uses splenda as the sweetner. Also gotta love the sweet potato/pinapple/marshmello caserole my dad makes every year 🙂

  4. I think this thanksgiving will be my healthiest to date. We are skipping the big meal. 🙂 Crazy, I know. We won’t have any family around us this year so it’s just me, the hubs and my 2 year old. Instead we’ve decided to spend thanksgiving at Disney which is only 2 hours away from us. I’m packing a few Subway sandwhiches for us, yum.

  5. Fun and informative post! I am going to try and not overdo it on the appetizers this year. And the booze. I absolutely hate feeling full before the meal has begun!

  6. Great tips! I agree- choose what you think is really worth it and GO for it, but ease back on those that are not. And exercise is always key! Whoop whoop on today being our “friday!!!”

  7. Wednesday is my Friday. I have plans to workout in them morning, than getting off early so I’m going running! More sweat sessions before and after eating! Great Tips

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