Lavendar Fields Farm!

Well hello again friends!!!  It’s been a while eh? 😉

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice, long extended weekend (it’s only Saturday whoop whoop?!) 

I feel like I have totally left you guys hanging since Turkey Day, but I needed a lil’ technology break & decided that time with my family & boyfriend was in order… I know ya’ll understand! 

Gotta share with ya’ll the highlights of yesterday’s eats though… 😛

Shredded turkey BBQ – in a barbecue, red wine & balsamic vinegar sauce blend that was a superfab way to reuse the turkey day feast!

Also some homemade peanut butter cookies featuring this guy & agave nectar (we ate them before the camera found them 😉 I’ll make ’em again soon, promise!)

Peanut Butter with Sumatra Cinnamon and Raisin

So onto today, which has started off fantastically as well 🙂  It’s sunny & chilly out which made for a perfect morning to spend at Lavendar Fields Farm, a local farm that also offers different cooking classes and the such.  They have fantastic herbs, 250 types of USDA certified organic to be specific…. and the farm is only about 15 minutes down the street (so weird that I live 15 minutes from both a city and a farm right?)

This morning I met Mom & Sis there for a Cooking with Herbs Class!

It’s such a cute place friends, the family has been on the farm for 6 generations and some of them are Australian so their accents are to die for!  They literally open their house up to everyone and have a huge indoor/outdoor garden, shop, etc.  It’s absolutely lovely 🙂

So onto the class, where I learned SO MUCH about herbs that I never knew. 

They really are such a fabulous way to add fantastic flavor to your cooking with no fat and with added health benefits… did you know that parsley is one of the healthiest herbs you can eat fresh — 1 cup offers more beta carotene than a carrot, more calcium than a glass of milk, more iron then 3oz. liver (ew), Vitamins C & K?  WOW!

We also learned how to do a tarragon infused vinegar (easy peasy friends) and the smell of this was FABULOUS.  I want to make this very soon (it would make a lovely gift too!) and use in on salads, veggies, etc….

Hello sista!

We sampled some absolutely yummy deelish Lemon Balm MiniMuffins topped with cream cheese & (get this) lemon flavored sugar!

Lil’ sis got the recipe and has announced that she will be making these for the holidays (she’s the baker of the family!)….  I will of course ensure this happens by not allowing her to come home from college if she doesn’t 😉 haha

There were also some fresh herb butters and cream cheeses to be sampled… what an easy fun way to fancy up the norm right?!

It was a fantastic way to spend the morning, and I know that I will be heading back there very soon! 🙂

Afterwards I did a little shopping for Christmas Tree goodies (p.s. If you are in Richmond, Ben Franklin is having some fantastic sales!)… I’ve never had my own tree before and The Man & I are so excited that we get to share one this year in our very own home!  ❤ We have a certain theme we are going for, which will of course be revealed once we get it all together 😛

Lunch eats needed to be easy, light & healthy… nothing Ukrops couldn’t handle!  Veggie Bean soup + Salad topped with everything under the sun.

Ahhh felt good after all that turkey day food to get back to some normalcy!

This afternoon’s plans include the week’s meal planning, WORKOUT (I’ve been a bad fanatic :() and picking up any needed dinner supplies…

…. once The Man gets off work we are spending tonight Christmas Tree decoratin’ and having a cozy dinner by the fire which is scheduled to include Pork Tenderloin (no more turkey please haha).

See you friends tonight and have a most wonderful Saturday 🙂


4 responses to “Lavendar Fields Farm!

  1. Glad to see that the trip to Lavender Fields went well… all the foods looked delicious. Particularly the muffins. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go soon.

  2. If i’m ever stuck in an herb trivia debate I’m giving you a call 😉 sounds like such a fun class! and delicious food fare, of course.

    p.s. sorry for being so STUPID about the whole foods/world market thing. I suppose I just always have food on the brain 🙂

  3. What a GREAT way to use up leftover turkey!! Mmmmm. Anything with BBQ sauce is for SURE to be a winner, IMO!!

    Um….lemon SUGAR? Seriously?? oh, my….

  4. Love the local farm cooking class!!! And we are in love with parsley due to the health benefits 🙂 Everything looks wonderful. Glad you had a great time. Don’t worry we have not been too good with our workouts either 😦

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