Breakfast of Champions!

Hey hey friends, happy Sunday to you all! 

Is anyone else feelin’ the end of this extended holiday weekend coming near….? Ah well, we still have another day & we are going to make the most of it with some delicious eats, football watchin & Christmas tree decoratin’! 🙂

This morning we started our day with the breakfast of champions!

Savory Oats for her

(oats, cream cheese, egg whites, mozz cheese + frank’s hot sauce wooo woooo!)

Stuffed French Toast for him

(bananas, cream cheese, hazelnut syrup)

I am dying to share this recipe for stuffed french toast that we have been making in our house for about a year now, it was one of the first things I ever cooked for The Man and I think it sealed the deal!  😉

I made this extra decadent this morning however, yum!

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • 1 egg (or use 2 egg whites)
  • splash half n’ half (or use milk)
  • sprinkle cinnamon
  • cream cheese
  • banana, sliced
  • butter or cooking spray
  • maple syrup
  • hazelnuts, chopped & toasted (optional)

Ya’ll this is so easy and really is a “knock their socks off” kinda breakfast 😛

1. Toast hazelnuts in hot pan for about 5 minutes to bring out their flavor.

2. Add to some maple syrup and throw in the microwave for a minute to warm through, let sit while you make the toast to give the syrup a lovely hazelnutty flava!

3.  Create an egg bath for the toast by stirring together the egg, half n’ half (or milk) and cinnamon.

4.  Send the bread for a swim & then throw into a hot pan coated with butter or cooking spray (I used to good stuff for this treat!), cooking until toasty brown on both sides.


5.  Remove from pan & start the “stuffin’!” — first layer some cream cheese (don’t try to spread it, that’ll just be a mess, trust me 😉 ) and then some sliced banana.


6.  Stack the other toast piece on top and put it back into the hot pan long enough to warm the cream cheese through so it all gets ooey gooey happy together 🙂

7.  Remove from pan, slice in half and serve with your easy hazelnut syrup on top!  Prepare to have some happy eaters too 🙂

So after breakfast I went on some Christmas decoration shopping adventures and got some great stuff…. including the rest of the stuff to finish the tree up (we ran out of beads and lights haha ooooops!)

I returned home to Lucy Dog going insane barking and The Man with these guys outside… apparently some dogs got loose in the ‘hood and chose our yard as their destination spot hahaha.  Luckily they had a tag with a phone number and after a few phone calls we returned them home safely… they were WILDDDDDD though woah!


After all this adventure it was time to whip up a quick leftover lunch using one of my new TJ’s finds!  (Noticing that all I’ve done is eat this morning, and I’ve only been up since 9am haha?! ah well)

Served with peppercorn pork tenderloin + tarragon dijon potatoes and some green beans w/ soy sauce 🙂


This chutney was AMAZING.  The hint of cinnamon throughout really did the trick for me, back to TJ’s I go to stock up for the holidays… I can see this being used for some holiday meals!

K friends, gotta run!

The Man is currently doing tons of yard work (ummmm it’s 68 degrees out bc that’s normal after a freezing cold day yesterday wtf Richmond?) and I have lots of XMas decoratin’ to do!

Stay tuned tonight for some Pumpkin Coconut Soup on the menu tonight 🙂

Have a great day friends!


8 responses to “Breakfast of Champions!

  1. so im currently sitting in the library (already) and missing home, you, and little Lu… can’t come soon enough!

    i need to show you all teh cute new clothes i bought yesterday- i literally went all out hahaha i have enough winter outfits to last me for forever 🙂


    • Oooo I can’t wait to see them!!! Can’t wait to show you the tree too, Mom just stopped by and helped a little and then Dad came strolling through the door a few minutes after looking for soda – gotta love the fam! They don’t have power for some reason so I told them to come hang out here, nice to have them around but wish you were here too! 3 weeks til your next break?

  2. oh and ps- i just had lunch at ABP since it was the only place open and the only veggie soup was apple+butternut squash or something liek that and it was YUCKY and had no chunks whatsoever like your delicious pumpkin soup….so sad hahahha at least my ‘everything’ bagel made up for it haha

  3. ahh im so excited, i’ve been looking for a stuffed french toast recipe and this looks soooo good! i love how you said it “sealed the deal” haha in that case, i’m def trying this out! can’t wait for the pumpkin coconut soup. happy sunday girl 🙂

  4. Wow, that french toast looks gourmet! Lucky guy!! 🙂

  5. oh my gosh….french toast is my FAVE and you found a way to make it even better!!!?? So have to try this!

  6. I don’t know who’s breakfast looks better! You know I love me some spicy oats, but that stuffed french toast looks INSANE!

    He is one lucky man 🙂

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