Hello friends!  Back from vacation are we?  Yea yea yea…. tell me something I don’t know 😉

This morning started with me playing the meanest mental trick ever on myself haha… so my phone alarm goes off at 7:10am and I roll over thinking to myself “who set their alarm so early on my day off grrrr!?!?!” until I quickly realized that this was no day off… yea, take that Steph.  The PITS.

Anywho, work has been super productive this morning so that is actually feelin’ real nice I must say.  I have some projects to work on before returning to training next week and I think they will keep me occupied to say the least for the remainder of the week!

Lunch eats consisted of imposter pics leftovers… is someone still savoring vacation here or what? 😛

Coconut Pumpkin Soup

Tarragon Dijon Potatoes w/ Oikos

Oh. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

On tonight’s agenda

  • workout central!  cardio + ab ripper X is in order
  • dinner! look for a new easy peasy creation featuring cannellini beans
  • quality tv!  i.e. gossip girl, ya know 😉

Alright friends, back to the grind (or to the salt mine as my Dad always says??) haha… have a great one! 🙂


3 responses to “Imposters!

  1. Yayy, I’m back and so excited to be catching up on your blog. It’s been too long my friend 🙂

    Love the imposter pics, I have done it many times, haha.

  2. ugh I swear I let out the biggest groan waking up this morning… can we just be professional bloggers for a living?

    t-minus 3 hours ’til chuck bass time, meoooow.

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