Well we made it through Monday friends, and onto a beautiful Tuesday!!! 🙂

After a drama-filled Gossip Girl event last night (woahhhhh what an episode eh?!) I awoke this morning to….sun & frost?!  These are 2 things this lady hasn’t seen around here in a while  😛

Apparently I was in a coma last night too bc reports from The Man indicate the following gibberish coming from my mouth at various hours of the night: 

“glarble blarble glarble…. Noma’am-sorrysir-yesplease”

What the heck??? Hahahaha

Anywho, even though it was chilly this morning, the sun was shining and I’ll take that over our new usual of rain & wind any day!!!

One thing I don’t want to take everyday however is…..Traffic, esp traffic that doubles commute time to work = Bad Bad Bad…. but we won’t go there k? 😉

Lunch eats today looked a lil’ somethin’ like this:

Leftover Turkey Sausage & White Beans

Half PB & Jelly Sammich

This was not just any PB & Jelly friends, oh no no, this sammie was a  top Celebrity version of PB sammiches….

Click for details... = ?

Yea, that’s just how this sammich rolls, k? 😉

Some birthday celebration cake – from Ukrops, they make the BEST ICING in the world… I’m for realz friends, I don’t like cake from any other grocery store but this one (cake snob who?) haha

Onto other news of the holiday sort…. check it out friends!

We still have some “specialty ornaments” to get and a tree skirt/topper however I am really liking it so far!  We are doing a blue & gold theme, it matches our living room and feels kinda beachy, I love it 🙂

Dinner adventures tonight include my attempt at “man-sagna“…. haha yea I just totally made that one up (fail)!

See friends, I’ve only really made veggie lasagna before but The Man really likes a good hearty meat lasagna (he’s Italian, who can blame him 😉 ) so after stumbling across an easy and intriguing recipe I decided I would give it a whirl!  Of course I’m sneaking veggies in there too, but don’t tell k? 😛

Last but not least, tis the month of giveaways in the blog world apparently, check this one out over @IowaGirlEats!


Pretty awesome-tacular huh?!

Alright, gotta run, work has gotten busy and I gots some things to get through here…. can’t wait to see ya’ll tonight!! 🙂


9 responses to “Noma’am-sorrysir-yesplease?

  1. savoringsarah

    My fav fav fav “manly” lasagna sneaks in 2 lbs of spinach by creaming it in the food processor with ricotta cheese. gahhhhhhhhhh its sooooo good. Can’t wait to see your version!

  2. I’m behind on GG – can’t wait to watch it this week (at some point!)

    Your tree is gorg! I have colored lights but now kinda wish I had white. So serene and beautiful!

  3. Oh man, that cake is calling my name.

    I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, GASP! I think I may need to Netflix it soon…

    • Never watched Gossip Girl…. ?!?! Oh girl, you don’t know the high school drama fest of the city elite that you are missing!! Netflix that soon, very soon (great holiday break lazy cold weather activity perhaps?)

  4. OOOh man that cake looks amazing! I love frosting, too! 🙂

  5. Birthday cake is my favorite kind of food!! 🙂 I’m totally an icing girl and that icing looks quite tasty!! 🙂

  6. Oh man you just gave me a major craving for some good old fashioned icing! I love good icing where you can kind of taste the granuals of sugar. That might sound weird but that’s my fav! Beautiful tree too! I wish we had room for one that big.

  7. Always a talker in your sleep….most of it very garbled! Can you focus on some winning lottery numbers instead of the garble, garble, garble?!

  8. hahahha- I always talk in my sleep. The lunch looks great- I love white beans. Boo to traffic=lame!Hope your Wednesday is traffic free

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