Nothing says love like a….


How is everyone tonight?  Things are going great around here, I had a full & busy day at work and now am so happy to be at home relaxing.  My back started to bother me a bit after sitting in a desk chair all day so I had to wrap things up a lil’ earlier than expected but I was okay with that 😉 Andddd I was SO proud of myself bc I drove right past the “crash site” tonight and didn’t freak out – ahhh relief!!!  

In other work news:  MISSING YOGURT ALERT!!!!!!!

Either I lost my mind (always a possibility) or someone STOLE my Chobani at work!!! 😦  I even took the time to put in on ice this morning bc I knew I wouldn’t get to my office til lunch time due to some meetings at our other location.  Put it in the fridge once I get to my desk, worked all afternoon and saved it for after my 2pm meeting which ended up going over time and couldn’t wait for it…. I hope that person enjoyed it!  Sheesh.

So no review until tomorrow friends…. hey, don’t blame me 😛

So before dinner I guess I should give you guys the answer to my car question from earlier, and btw I loved all the comments I got on this, ya’ll are awesome and they totally made my day!!! 

I had a feeling that my bestie from college would get this one, and just as I expected she left a secret comment that read:

” Do I get to guess which car since I’m 99% sure I know the answer?….nothing says love like a ………”

Haha yes friends, it’s true…. and this has been said verbatum from this lady’s mouth more than once before haha  (blush face now?!)  During my college years (and well before) I always said that one thing I want to have is a BMW & that I would rather I have a guy propose to me with a BMW car key instead of an engagement ring… I am outta control haha oooops?!?!

In fact, last year around this time when The Man and I first started dating I was looking into purchasing a BMW and we went to the lot one afternoon.  Laura (bestie from above) found out that we were shopping for BMW’s together and she seriously thought that I was getting married hahaha — she calls and says to me “ummmm Steph, is there something I should know?!” 

Yes, I am weird & perhaps a bit too superficial with this whole car issue — but hey, I drove a 2000 Altima for 8 years for Pete’s sake!!  And I obviously don’t really love jewelry like most girls do 😛 ?  But now that I have met the love of my life, I kinda have a lil’ different view (eh hmmm gotta cover those bases here k?!??! 😉 )  However that doesn’t mean that I still wouldn’t love to purchase that beemer for myself (Beyonce chimes in with some “Independent Woman”)   We’ll have to see what kinda deals can be worked out… so more to come!


Dinner tonight was Mexican inspired…

Chicken Fajitas!

I surprised The Man with some fun snacks when he got home to munch on while I cooked up the fiesta!

This Kroger Private Selection garden salsa surpassed my expectations like woah, it was superfab! 

And not to mention that I ❤ this Herdez Salsa Verde… so good!  🙂

I had also let some chicken tenderloins marinate in some of this guy for an hour or so while I relaxed and sipped some vino… “foodie happy hour” right Jenna?!?! 😉

Sauteed them up, slicing them into pieces once they were almost cooked through.

Then sauteed up some green pepper & onion in a lil’ Goya EVOO – which is some great stuff btw! – with some salt & pepper (as always!)


Served up the chicken, peppers & onions on whole wheat tortillas with the green & red salsa topping + some of the best thick low fat dressing that I have EVER tasted (Kroger brand strikes again!) 😛

His &

Hers Chicken Fa-jee-tas!!!

These were really really really yummmmmy, the Fajita marinade has the perfect flavor and paired with all the other toppings it was a match(es?) made in heaven! 🙂

So I’ll leave you friends with one of the best comments ever from my fave Michigan homegirl (in regards to the car discussion), it seriously made me LOL 😛

“Ummm I’m gonna say the Beeemer cuz yer such a baller, shot caller!! 😉

Love it!  Gotta run friends, we are actually going to make it car shopping in the morning and there are alot of other things on the agenda (maybe yoga?!, hair appointment, lunch date, comedy club, tacky sweater party, snow???) so see ya for some fun tomorrow!  Have a great & safe night 🙂


13 responses to “Nothing says love like a….

  1. We are seriously ridiculous. You would think we would have known each other our whole lives sometimes 🙂

    I will be crossing my fingers that you find a deal on a BMW my dear. You deserve one, and would look HOTTTTT!

  2. Thanks for the blog shout out…although I’m still recovering from when you called me from the BMW lot last year……

    Hope you get something super pretty and shiney and BMWy so we can go driving around richmond like the ballas we are 😉

    And I leave you with these words of wisdom from the wise one herself…

    “if you liked it than you shoulda put a ring on it…..”


  3. hahaha i love you! bmw’s are almost as worthy as a giant rock 😉 fajitas look delish! i love mexican food

  4. Mmmm fajitas looks delish!
    I loooooooooove BMW’s!!!

  5. OMG. Chobani theif! How rude was that??!! I’d be so mad…

    That is a gorgeous car!!

    Yummy fajitas!!

  6. Sorry about your yogurt getting stolen… I mean come on people… seriously?? It is not yours to take!!! LOL. BMW eh?? Not a bad choice!! 😉 Can’t wait to see more pics for your new car!!!

  7. Eeee how exciting if you get that car!!!!!!!! Finger crossed girlie 😉

  8. oh the sneaky chobs theif.. it was probably my brother that took yours — he steals mine all the time!

    girl you treat yourself to that beamer, you deserve it – and will look so hot in it 😉

  9. Wait, are you getting engaged??!! I am confused!

  10. ahhh – that is SUCH a beautiful car!!! Wow, girl – congrats on your new “baby”! Show us pics when you get him/her home. 🙂

    Who on earth would steal a Chobani??!! I keep mine in my fridge at work, too….you better believe I’d be roamin’ that place if someone took mine hahaha!

  11. savoringsarah

    Bahahahahaha. I KNEW IT!!!!

    And there is NOTHING wrong having more enthusiasm for an expensive set of wheels than a big ol’ rock. The way I see it- which one are you more likely to lose…a car or a diamond? And if you break/damage them, which one will insurance pay to fix? Exxxxxxactly!

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