I thought I graduated college?

Good morning friends!  Another Monday is upon us, however we are creepin’ towards the holidays here so I know that there is some vacation in sight so that is really keepin’ me going 🙂  (not that I’m counting down or anything???)

My Monday started with taking a test first thing in training, 1 hour of statistics specifically (I thought I graduated college? 😉 ) Oh well, such is life, good thing I “kinda studied” last night….

So yes, as you may have concluded, I’m back at the last week of Six  Sigma training and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I can’t wait for this to be O-V-E-R!!!  I am just a lil’ burnt out with the 2 job duties (along with everything else going on right now) but I know that I can make it through to the end…. *sigh*

However one thing I am not ready to end is the free lunches!!  Perhaps I am secretly here just for those?  Nahhhh, no way, I’d rather pay for that lunch haha!  Anywho, check out today’s eats

Caesar salad w/ chicken, olives, tomatoes & Parm!

Plus fruit and a cookie for good measure 🙂

Only used half the dressing on the salad to keep it reasonable, hey since I can’t work out like normal I gotta be somewhat good! 😛

Oh friends, I totally forgot to tell you guys that I finally tried this wonderfulness too the other day

Yes, no one stole it from my own fridge haha!  I loved this flavor!!  This ranks right up there with pineapple for me!!!!  I really liked the texture of the pom seeds throughout – call me crazy 😛

And while we are on the subject of deelish… gave this guy a whirl last night too and booyah, so good!

Well tonight’s plans are a tentative yoga session, however my back is not feeling 100% today and sitting in this chair all day probably won’t help… so I’m playing it by ear. 

Other than that it’s tv time & leftover central!  Dinner will be the 800lbs of leftover pork we still have 😉  See ya’ll tonight and have a fabulous day!


10 responses to “I thought I graduated college?

  1. savoringsarah

    OHhh so glad you found the chobs! And even better that it was in your fridge! Haha, I have moments like that ALL the time…like this morning when I frantically searched the house for my PB and ended up finding it in passenger seat of my car. Whoops, forgot about the dips I took in it on the way home from the grocery store!

    And eggnog icecream!??? YESSSSSS PLEASEEEEEEEE.

  2. You can’t go wrong with free lunches that look like THAT! Delish my dear.

    So you have eggnog ice cream. I have peppermint ice cream. Which gets me thinking. Maybe I need to buy the eggnog flavor, so I can have peppermint flavored egg nog ice cream? Haha.

  3. Mmm been eyeing that ice cream in the store. Looks tasty!

  4. I can’t wait to try that ice cream!!

  5. Your stuffed French Toast for the BSI this week looked to die for! Good job and glad you partipated!!

  6. bah, welcome to my life! I feel like studying is a full time job as of late.

    clearly the chobs thief’s conscience got the best of him and he returned it 😉

    ice creammmmmmmmmmmm ❤

  7. Egg nog ice cream?? Are you serious? I have NOT seen this anywhere, but I’ll be lookin now!

  8. I also love the pomegranate Chobani! Yummm! Pineapple is still my favorite though 🙂

  9. ah! I need to try the holiday Edys! They look so good. Good luck with the rest of the six sigma business! I hope it flies by!

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