Life’s simple pleasures :)

Happy Monday night friends!  Brrr it’s chilly outside & I am so happy to be curled up next to our beautiful tree and the lit fireplace watchin’ some tv with my man.  Life’s simple pleasures 🙂

When I got home today check out what surprised me at the doorstep!

I couldn’t have been more excited to open it up and find this 🙂

The amazingly kind folks over at Aurorae Yoga offered to send me one of their yoga mats to try out, which couldn’t have come at a better time as I begin easing back into exercise after the accident with yoga this week.  Here are some facts about the mat:

  • Extra long 72″ x 24″  (perfect for us tall peeps! 😛 )
  • Focal Point Icon helps you focus on your poses

  • Ultra thick (1/4″) providing cushion and comfort to protect knees and joints
  • Eco friendly material molds your hands and feet to the mat with immediate recovery – LOVE THIS! 🙂

Don’t believe me?  Check out the Aurorae mat vs. ‘another popular mat’ I purchased a few weeks ago!

Yea, now that’s what I call one. thick. mat.  Not to mention the fact that the color is just vibrantly beautiful!

So tonight’s yoga session consisted of YogaWorks Body Slim on ExerciseTV — ironically this is the workout I did the morning before the crash and the last workout since then.  I really like this workout friends, it got me sweating and didn’t strain my muscles too much so it was perfect!  Along with my new mat, it felt amazing to get back into things & I think my body was happy (we shall see tomorrow however?)

Thanks so much friends at Aurorae, I loved the mat and I know that it will help me to continue recovery as well as strengthen my yoga practice 🙂

Dinner tonight was a leftover extravaganza at our house, I am finding that I go to meals like this more and more on Monday nights thanks to some planning with Sunday night dinners. 

I went for some of the crockpot pork bbq from last night, but put a twist on it! 🙂

Sauteed some frozen peppers and onions with some of this guy

Then started stackin’!



The addition of the peppers, onions and shredded cheese (plus more Frank’s 😉 ) was fantastic!  Served with some coleslaw on the side and this easy meal was complete!  Why are leftovers just SO GOOD????

The Man had some of the “Man-sagna” that I had frozen from last week (he had the bbq for lunch, didn’t want him to wear out on bbq friends!)  It froze fantastically btw – note to self!

Check out what was also cracked open tonight, hey Monday is as good a day to celebrate life as any!!! 🙂  Life’s too short friends, tis the holiday season and tis the season for joyous holiday drinks… 😉

Check out how thick & creamy!

We decided that these Kahlua White Russians are deelish!  The addition of a bit of vanilla vodka would probably make these drinks A+ winners (we are baddddd haha 😉 )  I will definitely be buying more of these over the holidays, they are the perfect fireside drink!

Alright friends, time to go watch some good quality TV (XOXO?!?!).  I hope you have a wonderful Monday night and see you tomorrow!! 🙂


13 responses to “Life’s simple pleasures :)

  1. What a beautiful yoga mat!

    White Russians, oh man, those are dangerous and SO GOOD! You are right my friend, life is short, it is the holidays, you mise well splurge a bit 🙂

    Enjoy your evening!

    • This is one of The Man’s fave drinks, I think we found a winner with these too yummmm! Have a wonderful evening yourself girl, stay warm and bundled up up there! 🙂

  2. hot damn, everyone and their mama is getting that aurorae mat! I am so jealy — my yoga mat is pathetic — it has stains all over it because I may or may not do some post-yoga snackage on it 😉 don’t judge!

    enjoy your night lovie!

  3. I did that same yoga workout last Friday and I was still feelin it in my abs 2 days later! Loved it!! 🙂

  4. Kristie Lynn

    Oh White Russians – between those and Manhattans I can become one very tipsy lady! 😛

  5. How cool that you got a yoga mat sent to you! I was just reading on Kath’s that she got one too. Lucky girl! I am totally feeling your White Russians tonight too, I would love to be sipping one but am instead working hard!

    • It’s a great mat, I love it! You def need to treat yourself to a white russian or other tasty beverage the next night you don’t have to work, esp with all that beautiful snowy scenery up in your neck of the woods – fireside in that sounds heavenly 🙂 Enjoy your night girl!

  6. Awesome yoga mat!!! I love how thick it is 🙂 And white russian — what a great way to end the night 😉 Enjoy!

  7. I haven’t had a white russian in ages! This makes me want one now 😉

  8. The Exercise TV yoga workouts are so great! I love being able to sit in my house and follow along instead of actually paying to lie on a mat and feel intimidated. I love all of the YogaWorks stuff. They have great trainers and the workouts are so fun!

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