Who is this Grandma Hoerner?

Hello friends, how has your day been?!?! 🙂

I’ve had quite the busy day but it’s been so nice & productive ❤ !

This morning, after my usual Saturday stovetop oats, was spent deep cleaning the house **sparkling clean**…even cleaned out/organized the whole fridge + laundry + scrubbed bathrooms + vacuuming!  I decided that since I spent 2 hours doing all that, it was enough exercise for this lady today (you can burn some major cals cleaning fyi!) 😉

After all that “fun” I whipped up a quick lunch for The Man and I:

  • Scrambled Eggs with peppers, onions and cheese
  • Whole wheat toast, his & hers style
  • Unpictured ice cream 😉

First I sauteed up some onion and banana peppers in the Icelandic butter (hey, it’s Saturday :P)

These peppers that my fave preggo girl 😉 Kristine gave me from her garden late this summer have lasted wonderfully in the freezer, who knew?!

Then added 1 egg + 3 egg whites, shredded cheese, salt and pepper to the mix – voila!

I also toasted up some whole wheat bread, toast was his and hers style!  Cinnamon sugar for The Man, cream cheese + Grandma Hoerner for The Lady 🙂

Who is this Grandma Hoerner you ask?  I’m not sure but she makes a mean Cranberry Apple Butter hello yum!  Found this at World Market a while back, go fig 😉

All served up (w/ some Frank’s of course)!

I followed up lunch with some meal planning for the week (lookin’ forward to some fun new recipes!), a Costco trip (temporary moment of insanity) and grocery store shannigans. 

Now we are getting ready to head out to not 1, but 2 Christmas parties most likely so it’s going to be a busy night!  I’ll probably be seeing you guys tomorrow, and you better believer that I have a definite yoga session planned and an awesome new dinner recipe to try (not that I’m trying to lure you in or anything 😉 )

Have a wonderful Saturday friends!


5 responses to “Who is this Grandma Hoerner?

  1. I am all about apple butter — but cran flavor? oh man, sounds amaze! you think Grandma Hoerner would bei nterested in adopting me?

    have fun at your christmas parties – you popular thang!

  2. I basically live on cranapple butter! (Mine is Trader Joe’s). I kind of no longer see the point of putting anything else on toast. BUT have not tried it yet with cream cheese, and I am thinking it would be DELICIOUS and I should!

  3. Have fun tonight!!! We are headed to a Christmas party as well. Have a fabulous evening, and hopefully we don’t have rough mornings tomorrow 🙂

  4. Cleaning IS a workout! I just finished some up myself. Now I think I have earned the right to be lazy the rest of the day haha. Great lunch. I just got a bunch of eggs at the food store and can’t wait to cook them up. Hope the parties were fun. Thanks for the sweet comments (as always) on my blog.

  5. Oh boy, thank you for the motivation to clean, I need to do that!! And yes it counts as a workout ; )

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