Monday monday monday

Hello friends!  Well today has been kind of hectic with trying to get the whole car thing straight, first day back to work since training, ya know the norm?

No but really, sorry for bailing on you at lunch but things were a bit busy since they aren’t covering my rental car after today so it was essential that I get this car purchased so I can have some wheels soon.  I hope you understand 🙂  Anywho, found out that the new car won’t be ready until tomorrow so this lady is “car-less” until tomorrow night!

But that is actually good news because now it means I get to go to the Whole Foods Holiday Cooking demo tonight with my mom and my girl Brittany

All’s well that ends well, no? 😉

So by tomorrow I should hopefully

(1) learn some sweet new recipes to share with you friends at the cooking demo

(2) hitch myself a ride to work and be productive all day 😉

(3) cross my fingers and hopefully be the owner of a car I’ve dreamed of for as long as I can remember (yea yea, we all read the story haha) 

Alright, back to work!  I hope you are all having a lovely Monday 🙂


14 responses to “Monday monday monday

  1. wow, your a baking queen.I love all the decorated goods. Sorry to hear about the car situation.I’m going on week 2 without a car. Hpe the dealership is done fixing it, I was in a long line of ppl waiting too.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been without a car for so long! I actually got in a bad accident 2 weeks back and my car was totaled – so now I am stuck buying a new car within a very short time span (try thurs-today) and it’s been just such the ordeal. I am so ready for it to be behind me once this new car purchase if final – but also so fortunate that I didn’t get hurt bad in the wreck so trying to keep it all in perspective!

  2. I am so jealous! I want to go to a WF demo!

  3. How “pumpkin-y” was the pasta? I really want to try this tonight but my BF doesn’t like pumpkin flavored food. He might though if it was more subtle…thanks!!

    • Great question, sounds like we are dealing with some similar tastes here (my boyfriend also claims he doesn’t like pumpkin flavored food 😉 ) — the pumpkin flavor was subtle to be honest, it added a beautiful color and a slight sweetness to counteract the garlic which I thought was perfect. My boyfriend devoured it, so I think he felt the same way (true story – he was skeptical about this one when I told him what I was making at first!) I would love to hear how it turns out if you try it 🙂

      • I made it! He loved it, I loved, it was awesome! I do want to use more red pepper flakes next time, it could have used a bit more kick 🙂

  4. savoringsarah

    BOOO Mondays! I got to work this morning and pulled out my laptop and realized I left the cord in my other office…2 hours away. OOPS.

    Cooking demo sounds SUPA fun…can’t wait to see the new ride!

    • Oh no girl! Hope you had some battery power left to get you through part of the day! Thankfully Mondays only come once a week, otherwise I’d be in some serious trouble haha! 😉

      Ahhhh can’t wait to get the new ride, 1 more day 🙂 🙂 fingerssssssss crosssseeeddddddddddd

  5. Whole Foods demo’s are so much fun!

    Wish I was going to one!

    Have a great time 🙂

  6. praying to the car gods for ya, pooks!

    have fun up the demo today — praying your kind enough to share some tricks of the trade with us 😉

  7. I am so excited for you!!!! I can’t wait for you to get your new ride. You are going to look HOT!

    Have fun tonight, I wish I could be there 🙂

    • You are the sweetest btw 🙂 I wish you could have come with us tonight too… move to VA darnet – the temps are wayyyyyy better than Minneapolis 😉 !!

  8. Tonight was really fun- I’m glad that we were both able to come!

    I can’t wait to see your new car- take pictures asap!!

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