Chocolate at every meal!

Hey hey hey friends!  TGIAF yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

Busy busy day over here in this lady’s neck of the woods, however that seems to be the theme of this week and so far it has been flying by!

So what is everyone looking forward to this weekend before the holiday festivities begin?!  Here’s my list!

  • Lil’ sis is coming home from college (get out before the snow storm lady!!! pleaseeeeee)
  • Potential 4-6″ of snow for our area Fri/Sat (whatttttttttttttt??)
  • More cookie baking
  • Prepping for XMas Eve dinner (Nanny’s homemade pierogies!!) —  more on this to come later 😉

Today’s lunch included

Leftover Harvest Vegetable w/ Chicken Soup (deelish!)

A monster veggie packed salad from the Caf again 😛

Spring mix, romaine, carrot, tomato, black beans, beets, corn, mushrooms, blue cheese & hummus!  Our salad bar at work is pretty darn good 🙂  Too bad I’d need a second job to pay for this habit if I had one every day haha.

And of course, no meal is complete without chocolate! 

So want to hear a dirty secret?  I eat chocolate or some form of dessert after every meal!  Of course this is in moderation, i.e. only half the bag of these m&m’s were consumed, small scoop of ice cream, etc.  This just works for me, and after so many years of depriving myself this way truly keeps me from mindlessly snacking throughout the day and also lets me give in to my cravings and therefore rarely going overboard with treats…. 

So of course you know what’s coming 😉 What are your thoughts on desserts after a meal?  Do you always have a lil’ something or only treat yourself on certain occasions?  I want to know!

Well tonight I have plans for another round of exercise, perhaps some yoga this time around.  Then it is Mexican night in our house (gettin’ themed up for Mexico cruise countdown!)

I hope you stay tuned you lovelies… and enjoy your TGIAF! 😛


14 responses to “Chocolate at every meal!

  1. savoringsarah

    PIEROGIES?! YumMmmmMMM! We love!

    So when I saw Chocolate at every meal, I got SO excited. I am a total chocoholic and ALWAYS need a lil cocoa after a meal. Just a lil nibble curbs my craving! I totally hear ya on that one!!

    Good luck with the snowfall situation 🙂

    • so should have known that you knew what pierogies were – whoop whoop!! i’ve never made them from scratch (hello Mrs. T) but i really want to make my Nanny’s recipe this year for XMas eve dinner (they are always on our menu)!

  2. Kristie Lynn

    I usually have a little piece of chocolate after lunch + dinner, or treat myself to a cookie if I’m making a batch of them.

    I’m looking forward to being with family… just have to get there, first (18 hour drive, here I come)! 🙂

  3. I NEED dessert after a meal. 🙂 Sometimes big, sometimes little. Just depends. 🙂

  4. I have to end on a sweet. It seems somewhat impossible for me to not. Whether its fruit, candy, chocoloate, yogurt…whatever as long as it is sweet then I can end on it and feel satisfied. ITS A MUST FOR ME!!

  5. I ALWAYS have dessert after a meal, except breakfast. In fact, I usually have more than one dessert!

  6. I had to come stop by your blog after the Pure2 twins awarded you. I read their blog daily and they are great girls so I figured I needed to come over here too 🙂

    Dessert. Yes, daily after dinner. Usually one of my own high raw all vegan balls or bars but it can be a slab of bittersweet baker’s chocolate too. But I do need something!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree about the twins, love their blog and aren’t they seriously 2 of the sweetest girls ever?? 🙂 Mmm bittersweet baker’s chocolate is sounding pretty darn good right about now….

  7. I treat myself to a little dessert whenever I feel like it : ) I never say no to dessert! Love you both…Averie and Stephanie, thanks girl!

  8. you are my hero. Chocolate should be mandatory all day every day.

  9. I knew I liked you! 😉

    I have something sweet everyday…sometimes a little chocolate, sometimes yogurt with my fave cereal, or I might have an apple with my fave almond butter. But YES, I have to have something sweet after dinner every.single.night. I think there were 2 times I didn’t have dessert after dinner in the last year?!

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