Special Holiday Surprise!

Happy almost-Friday friends!  Truly loving that as this has been quite the busy week!

Well first things first, looks like the dessert fairy must have caught wind of my love for all things dessert bc when I came home check out what was waiting for me!!

Two of my favorite ladies over at @Pure2Raw were kind enough to send me the most wonderful holiday gift!!! 🙂

I have to say that every time I read their blog I am fascinated by their amazing talent in the kitchen and their ability to create fabulous desserts from healthy and pure ingredients.  They are 2 very talented (along with totally sweet) ladies and I can’t thank them enough for sending these delicious treats my way!

So of course after jumping up and down and texting The Man about how excited I was I had to try something immediately, no questions asked….

Just as I suspected – nothing short of AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Totally made my day 🙂  Thanks again girls, ya’ll are seriously the best!

Guess that leads into saying how happy it made me to know that many of you friends also love to end a meal with a sweet treat as much as I do!  You only live once as they say, and everything in moderation is really the key to enjoying all of life’s pleasures 😛  Can I get a whoop whoop for chocolate?? Anyone?? 😉

Yea, so that workout never happened either – oooops!  Instead I took my Dad for a ride in the new whip, I think he’s in love too 🙂  I feel like I’ve made him so proud!  ❤

Alright I guess I should get a move on with dinner… Mexican Night!

I decided to make my version of Guadalupe Mexican Beef Steak using the rest of this guy (my 2nd love?)


I found the recipe on the World Harbour site and thought it sounded pretty easy & tasty!

First step was to slice up some steaks and marinate in lieu of using the large hunk o’ meat like they called for, since plans were to “roll” fajita style (my sense of humor sometimes… sheesh?!).  I used a top loin strip steak, hello yummm! (on that red meat train again..?)

 Here was the rest of the team:


Sliced up the onion and pepper then sauteed until transculent and cooked to our liking.


Switched them to another hot pan so I could use the first one (coated with all that good onion/pepper goodness!) for the steak.  Then added the can of diced tomatoes (I used ones with chilis) and let the flavors heat through and blend. 

At this point I cooked up the steak, which was super fast since the slices were thin.


The last step was to top the veggie mixture with some parmesan cheese, I love this flavor twist vs. Mexican cheese – like a surprise to the ol’ taste buds! 

Then to serve we used some warmed whole wheat tortillas and just piled it on (does anyone else warm them in the microwave with some damp paper towels when the oven just doesn’t feel like an option?)

Oh yes, and there was some of this in the mix – freaking LOVE this stuff!

All together now! 🙂

Direct quote from The Man:  “These are the BEST fajitas I have ever had, and I’ve had a lotta fajitas!” hahaha

I would have to agree (umm just kicking modesty out the door for a second :/)…. this fajita sauce is one of the best and the tomatoes mixed in with the sauteed peppers/onions just really kicks it up a notch.  And it feels so fresh while eating, so much better than a cheese laden pile of taco mess if you ask me! 😉

Well, gotta run friends… some very important beach-goers from the northern neck of the woods are waiting for me haha 😉

Does anyone else enjoy this show as much as we do?!?!  Please say YES.  If not, then please watch it again and reconsider 😛

Also, they are calling for snow tomorrow (wait to see this panic at the grocery store haha) so we’ll see how that goes!  Milk and bread shelves will most likely be empty around town, bc that’s how us southerners roll at the first threat of imminent weather of course….. ah well, we like to be prepared I guess haha.

Have a lovely Thirsty Thursday you wonderful peeps, see you tomorrow for FRIDAY!

Now go have some fun 😉


12 responses to “Special Holiday Surprise!

  1. So happy to see everything made it!! Enjoy girl : ) Maybe one day we will get to eat chocolate and drink some wine together!!

    Did you watch Jay Leno last night? Three of the show’s characters were on there, it was hilarious!!

    • Yes, if you guys are EVER in the area we are def meeting up, no if’s and’s or but’s about it!!! 🙂

      I didn’t catch Leno… I bet it was a freaking riot though?!

  2. OW hooray for the goodies. I think raw desserts are so fabulous- its like you get to eat the dough and not feel guilty about it 😉 YAYY for mexican night. I could eat cooked peppers and onions EVERY night

  3. OHMIGOSH. How about Jersey Shore last night?! Insane!!!

  4. ahhh I missed it last night and I cannot WAIT to watch it after work today!! insane show!

    3 of them were on jay leno on Tues nigth awnsering trivia questions and it was hilarious!

    love your fajitas-by far my fav mexican dish


  5. We will always be besties because we have such great taste in TV viewing.

    I’m thinking we need a little beach trip to the Jersey Shore this summer….convince Kerri to come down and show us how its really done in dirty jerz.

    • Ohhhhhhh girlllllll I’ve been to the Jersey Shore with lil’ miss cheese eater and let me just tell you it was quite the weekend hahaha!!! We had a blast – I think 😉 Some highlights include a guy almost getting arrested for using a fake ID, yet he was over 21 but had lost his own ID so was using his fake to get into the club (who DOES that?!) — oh and the white wifebeaters & “sneakers” everywhere! At least I got a fun chicken recipe as a takeaway, bbq garilc chicken and use it all the time now… yea talk about random weekend haha (back in the NYC Mark days…) Love you bestie 🙂

  6. I haven’t watched that show but want to!!! I am a sucker for any potential trashy reality show.

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