Hello friends!  Well here we go again, after a short break in the ol’ snowy snow time it has started up AGAIN here in central VA.  We are getting hammered (by snow peeps, and perhaps by vino at this point cabin fever hello haha!!!! 😉 )

I think we have accumulated about 14″ at this point but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more.  So needless to say that we spent alot of QT indoors today!

I think this baby squirrel lost its’ mommy 😦

So this snowy day was spent cooking in honor of this lady 🙂

That’s my Nanny!  She was the sweetest lady ever but unfortunately passed away when I was in high school.  She was also Polish (as was my Pop) so I know that’s where I got my ❤ for eating & all things food!  And you know that our family ensures that Nanny’s recipes still live on… I feel like I am making her proud by continuing to make the foods that we used to all enjoy together 🙂

First up were holiday butter cookies, remember this recipe from earlier?

After trying my best not to rip the fragile paper I got the ingredients together!

Guess we can all see where someone did their pre-snow baking shopping hahaha!  Hello Food Lion ad?

Alright, well obviously this is no lowfat treat my friends, oh no no no 😉  It is however, fantastically delicious, and a few of these a year never hurt anybody!

Make sure you set the butter out to soften overnight.  Then start by beating (creaming) 4 STICKS of butter with an electric mixer (yes, 4 sticks, you heard that right… I just had a heart attack typing that :P). 

Hungry? 😉

Add the 1 cup of sugar gradually as you continue mixing.  Beat in the 2 egg yolks + 1 egg and 1 tsp vanilla.  Slowly add the 4.5 cups of flour until you form a dough.

At this point I got out the “tools” Mom had dropped off pre-blizzard, a cookie press and pretty sprinkles!

The cookie press gave me a headache however, so I ditched it about half way through for some old fashioned cookie cutting (using the cookies cutters and a shot glass for small round ones).

Finished product!

They tasted soooooooooo good, just like I remember!  And The Man loved them too, so much so that he made this contribution to the cookie stash 😉 haha

Muscle head snowman?  Perhaps Jersey Shore inspired…. haha so wrong, but so right.

And Uncle Donnie, if you are reading this, you know you have a whole stash of these waiting for you when you come up for Christmas!! 🙂 (not the muscle snowmenz, don’t worry haha)

After this adventure and a quick lunch I was beat, those cookies took alot out of me for some reason!  I think it was my 1 hour battle with the cookie press grrrrr 😦  So I proceeded to take a ?2 hour nap? smack dab in the middle of this snowy afternoon… so unlike me…. but so freaking marvah-lous!  Something about snuggling up in bed with a view of the snowy trees that just puts a person at ease *sigh*

So once lazy bones decided to wake up, I knew it was time to get to work on Nanny’s “piggies”!  (pigs in a blanket to us Polish folk)

But not before a quick ExerciseTV Biggest Loser Cardio session, a quick 20 minutes was enough to get this girl ready for some cooking!

So I have made a version of the “piggies” before in the crockpot, however this time I was rollin’ old-school-style by using the cookbook from her Church up in Wilkes-Barre, PA (lots of my fam is from there 🙂 )

Steamed a whole cabbage then seperated the leaves (last time I did this in the reverse order and it was impossible to not rip the leaves, lesson learned)

“Parboiled” the rice, whatever that means, I just cooked the stuff.

Then mixed together the lean ground beef, chopped onion, garlic (2 cloves), egg, cooked rice, salt & pepper.

Stuffed the cabbage leaves with the meat mixture, rolled ’em up and placed them in a baking dish (or 2).

Cover the “piggies” with water, then mix together the can of tomato soup and 1/2 cup ketchup and pour over top.

Kerri, if you’re reading this, I am totally thinking of you right now! 😉

325F for 30 minutes, covered.  Then remove from oven and add the 3 tblsp vinegar/1 tsp sugar mixture and pop back in the oven for another 1 hour.


These tasted just like I remembered…. ahhh they were so good!  Now if only the rest of my family was here to help us eat all these 😉

Well I am going to bet that there is some vino drinking, fireside style on this snowy night for this lady and possibly a movie with The Man too.  Something to be said about just taking some time to wind down… so refreshing!

And since I decided to be a lazy bum this afternoon I will be making the pierogi tomorrow friends!  Yet another one of Nanny’s holiday specialties 🙂  So look for some of that action in the near future…..

Have a lovely Saturday night everyone, and if you’re dealing with the wintery weather too please stay safe & warm!


13 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. How sweet you got to make your nanny’s food. Good for you. Funny about the Jersey SHore snowman, I was just watching that and laughing my butt off.

    *check out my raw revolution bar giveaway -over tomorrow*

  2. poor lil squirrel!

    ~new to your blog and LOVE IT!

  3. I have my grandma’s old recipe box. I cherish those recipes like their gold!

  4. Those “pigs” look like the real thing! Way to go…now, perogies on the horizon. We are waiting for those delicious little half moons of mashed potatoes in a wonderful dough covering. And, if they are topped with green onions sauteed in butter (just a little butter:) ahhh heaven….

  5. aw how sweet! I havent had cabbage rolls in forever! Love ’em!

  6. Ugh. We have over 2 1/2 feet up in Nova. Its ridiculous. I think I might make cupcakes and snickerdoodles tomorrow….for some reason snowed in= baking fiesta. Love you.

    • OMG I can’t believe you guys have gotten that much snow, that is crazy! I bet your cupcakes and treats turned out deelish – you know you are in charge of red velvet cupcakes (twinsies style) for the baby shower 😉 Love u 2!

  7. I have a few of my grandmother’s recipe that are hand written on delicate paper just like yours!! 🙂 Sorry about the snow, hang in there! I will dream of warm weather for you 😉

  8. 4 sticks of buttah?! Must be amazing cookies!! 🙂 Paula Deen would be all over those babies!! Very cool that you have her hand written recipe!! She’s up in heaven with her apron on smiling down on you!! 🙂

  9. haha the snomwan totally resembles “The Situation” you are such a riot, girl!

  10. ahhhh those cookies look SO GOOD! And what good is a cookie recipe without some sticks of buttah – ya know?! I’m sure your Nanny would be proud. 🙂

  11. Okay, so for your pigs in a a blanket, how do you steam a whole head of cabbage? that might be a stupid question, but I’m not that kitchen saavy yet, but I’m trying real hard! 🙂

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