Well hello there friends! 🙂

So we made it through the snowstorm which finally ended late last night and awoke to beautiful sunshine this morning!  Gorgeous, I even got outta bed at 7:30am — partially thanks to Ms. Barky Barkerton who was randomly outta control today haha. 

After a batch of banana cream cheese oats (my fave!) I knew it was time to get to work on the homemade pierogi!

If you have never heard of nor had pierogi, you can read more about them here, however I also wanted to include a few fun facts for you too 🙂

  • Pierogi are a dish consisting of boiled or baked dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients. They are usually semicircular, but are square in some cuisines.
  • In Polish cuisine pierogi are often filled with fresh white cheese, potatoes, and fried onions; in this form, they are called pierogi ruskie (Rusyn or Ruthenian pierogi), which is the most popular variety in North America.
  • Pierogi are usually served with melted butter and sugar, or melted butter and bacon bits.
  • Poles traditionally serve pierogi for Christmas Eve supper.

Our family has been serving Pierogi on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, and they are an integral part of the Polish Wigilia 🙂 

Let’s get started, why don’t we?!

The pierogi begin with the preparation of the filling, which in this case was going to be a mashed potato, cheese & sauteed onion blend.  Keep in mind that the filling can be anything you like, ranging from potatoes to sauerkraut to mushrooms!  This was just my version 😉

  • 5lb russet potatoes, boiled & peeled
  • 1 block lowfat sharp cheddar
  • 1/3 block colby cheese
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 tblsp butter
  • splash 1% milk
  • salt & pepper

A while back my Mom sent me this video for a trick she saw on how to easily peel a potato, so I thought why not give it a whirl since peeling potatoes really isnt’ my ideal way to spend a Sunday morning 😛

Washed the potatoes and gave them a score around the middle

Then boiled them for about 20 minutes before sending them for a quick dip in an ice bath – then check it out, the skin just peeled right off!

While the potatoes were boiling I also sauteed up the onion in 2 tblsp butter

I then chopped the potatoes into large chunks, added them back to the hot pot (in 1 tblsp butter to prevent sticking) and layered the chopped cheese & sauteed onions on top

Put the lid on and let them warm through so the cheese got all nice & melty! 

Then transferred to a BIG bowl to get ready for mixin’ & added some S&P – I wish the bowl was bigger bc I made quite the mess with this one haha, not sure what was going on with me this morning?! 😛

Took the electric mixer to the suckers and made ’em mashed taters!  Added some milk for moisture as needed.

Put them in the fridge to hang out while I got to making the pierogi dough (easier said than done phew!)

The ingredients were simple:

  • 5 cups sifted flour (give or take)
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup milk
  • salt

Combine the flour & salt, then mix in the eggs & milk until the mixture becomes a dough-like consistency.  At this point remove from the bowl and knead on a floured surface – voila!

Place into a bowl and let rest, covered, for 15 minutes at least….. and gather up your energy bc you are in for a workout with this stuff, holy dough-moley!

….. roll it out to 1/8″ (not sure if I made it that thin) and cut out circles using a cutter or just a drinking glass.  Rolling this dough seriously could have qualified for a spot on ExerciseTV – after a few times around my arms and abs were seriously worked after “puttin’ my back into it” haha 😉

Then find your potato mixture and place a spoonful or so into each of the dough rounds

Fold over into a “half moon” shape, pressing the edges closed with a fork

At this point you are ready to boil, which I ended up doing in batches as I finished each set of pierogi. 

Just boil in some salted water until they float to the top – this happens pretty fast folks.  Drain them and run under some cool water, transfer to a plate sprayed with cooking spray so they don’t stick and there you have it!

Phew I tell ya, I have a newfound respect for my Nanny after making these suckers!  They were definitely 1 of the hardest things I have endured in the kitchen *gasp* but I know the benefits will greatly outweigh the costs once Christmas Eve dinner rolls around 🙂

To store them I placed them in some buttered foil and popped into the freezer…. you will see them again this Thursday night all served up the way our family does it (hint:  more butter & onions will be featured haha 😉 )

After that adventure and a quick lunch, The Man dug his car out of the snow and we ventured to the grocery store…. thank goodness for SUVs bc the beemer was not goin’ to be havin’ that snow situation!  Got some more things for the week & for holiday dinner prep and also saw a poor lady get her car stuck at a stoplight with a line of 10 cars behind her!  Still some sticky driving out there… I ❤ the south 😛

When we got home we decided that the rest of the day was going to be dedicated to relaxation & rejuvenation with a lil’ bit of this 😉


Gettin’ our antioxidant on haha!  Just in time for the Packers game to start….

Time to go get my jersey on whoop whoop!

On a totally random note, I just realized that exactly 2 weeks from today we will be on our way to sunny Florida and ready for departure to Mexico via cruise ship!!  Ahhh nothin’ gets the sight of this cold snow outta my mind as fast as that thought 😛

Before I leave you friends, check out my parents’ Christmas tree, beautiful!  And if you look really closely you can see the beautiful manger I made ohhhh 25 years ago that we still put up every year, love you Mom 🙂  It will be weird this year to have Christmas Eve traditions at our house for the first time & not see this tree, however starting a new tradition is always fun too!

Alright, gotta run, see you friends later and enjoy your Sunday!


12 responses to “Pierogi!

  1. hehehe i spy my feet 🙂

    i ❤ home

    • hahahaha i was wondering what that was! im sorry i forgot to make some plain pierogi, if you were in that kitchen with me this a.m. you woulda understood – quite the undertaking! ill have to make you something super deelish to make up for it sis – love u 🙂

  2. I always thought my mom made the best pierogis.. until the day I found out she used frozen ones. I will never look at them the same way – heartbreaking! glad yours are much more authentic 🙂

  3. I don’t think I have ever had a pierogi! I don’t know why though since they look heavenly, all the right ingredients in my opinion. Kudos for you for making them the old fashioned way, I am sure you family will be proud!

  4. I love that you made your own pierogis! My hubby LOVES these things, but he is Russian so I guess it’s kind of the same region of ethic fare. My MIL actually makes so many Russian dishes that are so similar to a perogi, but she makes them stuffed with meat, sweet cheese, and jam. Haha not all together though ;).

    Hope you had a great weekend girl!

  5. wow those look great!! ive never had them!! my boyfriend so went to the packers game tonight!! he wore his jersey too!! haha thats hilarious 🙂

    • Oh my bf would be SO envious if he knew that – he is dying to go to a game!!! Too bad the game ended badly, it was not a good night in our house haha 😛

  6. Hope you had fun in the snow! I miss winter weather! Those pierogis look delicious – but also a lot of work! Good for you!

  7. yum, these look so good!

    and Mexico will be nice, and a good break from winter here!!

  8. savoringsarah

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS to pierogies!!! Growing up we always had them, but they were of the Ukranian variation so topped with a sour cream sauce and fried onions. Yum!! They are totally one of the most time consuming dishes to produce in mass quantity. So many steps!!

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