And you thought you were having a “monday”

Ahhh Monday, how I love thee…..

Rightttttt, snap back to reality! 

Well last night turned into a fun and relaxing night around the house, still mondo snow piles outside and our road a sheet of slick ice…. good thing we had the fire going and some delicious leftovers to snuggle up to!

Leftover cabbage rolls aka “piggies”

Can you guess what this is?!

It’s leftover cheesy potato pierogi filling!! I just placed in a ramekin, topped with a small pat of butter & some bread crumbs, baked up for about 20 minutes at 350F and voila!

These potatoes won the “best potatoes we’ve had for dinner” award in our house…. I guess that’s what a block & a half of cheese + sauteed onions in butter does for the common potato 😉

It was a delicious way to end the weekend! 

So then this morning bright and early rolled around… and I woke up with a pretty yucky toothache around 6am.  Decided that I didn’t think it should be ignored with the holidays right around the corner so I called the dentist and he was able to fit me in this morning.

After driving like a grandma over to the dentist office — p.s. BMW’s are pretty, but so terrible in the snow! — I got some bad monday news…


Just what I wanted to hear on a Monday morning.  Sheesh, I tell ya!  Once again chanting that whole “life could be worse” thing 😉

So Mr. Dentist got to work and numbed me up, pulled the sucker out and here I am sitting at home with gauze shoved in my mouth once again haha… ahhhh life, gotta love it sometimes 😛

Well, home for the day again and also needing to prep for my Six Sigma exam that is tomorrow morning!  Should be a totally not fun fun Monday afternoon if you ask me. 

Guess I better go scrounge up whatever soft & mushy food we have around the house now since I def am having a hard time getting my car in & out of our neighborhood so going anywhere is not much of an option again!  

I think I need to pull out my slow cooker for some emotional relief…. so look forward to some of that action tonight!

Have a lovely Monday friends 🙂


14 responses to “And you thought you were having a “monday”

  1. ugh, the dentist is literally the most hated man ever… I swear, they live to torment us!

  2. aww take it easy and take care of yourself. you’ll be feeling better in no time!

  3. OH NO- what an awful way to start the Monday before Christmas! I’m so sorry lady. I hope your mouth heals super quickly.

  4. savoringsarah

    Gahhhh! SOoooooo sorry, its like everyones worse dentist fears!! At least your slow cooker is there to console you 🙂 Hope things get better lady!!!

  5. Oh, no! Well, on the bright side…it should be okay to enjoy all that yummy Christmas food?! I got mine all taken out the day before Thanksgiving in college – not smart, I tell ya! I hope you’re feeling okay!

  6. louisianagrown

    Oh no, finding out you needed to have the tooth pulled and having it done all in one morning! Can’t a girl get a little time for some emotional preparation?

  7. bllahh sorry about your bad news! take it easy girl!

  8. I am very impressed that you managed to get a post up…I would have taken some time off. You are truly amazing…I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Oh no! Dental stuff is not fun at all but I am glad you already had it out and are on the other side of it now, I find that waiting for the procedure is worse! Take it easy and get better for Christmas! Delicious looking leftover feast too!

  10. oh man! Hope you’re feeling ok. Kick butt on that exam girl!

  11. Aww I hope you feel better soon–dental problems are the worst. I’m still avoiding having my wisdom teeth taken out, I’m too scared! 😦

    • It’s not too bad – but mine weren’t impacted so he just yanked them right out! A bunch of advil and some time heals it right up, still not on the top of my to-do lis though haha agreed 🙂

  12. Oh no, sorry to hear about the random tooth surgery. Trust me, I totally understand wisdom teeth troubles. I’ve been dealing with it for 6 months now and it completely ruined my life! 😦 Glad yours was simple and its all taken care of.

    • Hey girl, I have been following your story about your wisdom teeth issues and actually told my dentist about it — he couldn’t even believe it when I told him… I am so happy though that you seem to be on the road to recovery and have found a good doctor to take care of you now 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely holiday week!

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