It’s no fun without the rush, now is it?!

Christmas Eve Eve has arrived!!!  You friends busy out there?!

I know that I have a bazillion things to do before tomorrow comes and I’m sitting here in my cubicle praying to the holiday God that we get out early 😉  Ah well, it’s no fun without the rush now is it?!?! 😛

After a good night’s sleep I woke up bright and early this morning ready to tackle a morning workout since I bailed on that last night!  I normally don’t prefer to do my workouts at 6:30freakin’am but it was actually really nice today 🙂  I knew that with all the errands that needed to be done after work it was going to be hard to squeeze in so I think I made a good decision!

By the way, the Cindy Whitmarsh LessIsMoreCardio Session (recommended to me by the one and only PB&J lovah) is fantastic!  That Cindy must be a spawn of Jillian though haha bc mannnnn what a workout 😛

And while your over checkin’ out Cindy @ExerciseTV – also check out their New Year, New You initiative to motivate you to stay healthy as we move into the new year!  You can even enter for a chance to win a trip to LA to workout with a fab personal trainer if you are aiming to lose some weight in the upcoming months – hello *moviestar* 😉

Alright onto the lunch eats, which were a quick grab at a place down the street called Great Wraps – ever heard of it?  Pretty darn good and I hadn’t been in forever!

Tuscan Chicken Wrap

Featuring grilled chicken, italian spices, romaine, tomatoes, olives, roasted red peppers & balsamic vinaigrette all wrapped in a thick pita 🙂


And some Baked Lays of course for good measure!

Yea, it was très deelish!

And now I will resume working from my cubicle until the ‘powers-that-be’ shed that holiday spirit 😉

But seriously friends, today is going to be curraaazzzyyyy!!!  I still have errands to run including World Market (go fig) and the grocery store (gahhh) plus some more cookie baking, sweet potato casserole making and then figuring out dinner somewhere in between!? 

Oh yea, and I have I mentioned that due to this crappy snow storm I have YET to see my lil’ sis (who has been home since eh hmmm Friday) and I want to try to meet up with her for a while today so we can take a ride in the new whip… crossing my fingers that happens bc I miss that lil’ blonde lady!!!! 😛

Alright, back to work I go (fingers crossed!)…. see you friends tonight for a recap of all the day’s events plus the kitchen adventures of course!   You friends better be havin’ a great day out there!! 🙂


7 responses to “It’s no fun without the rush, now is it?!

  1. My day is crazy too! I also have shopping left! Eek!!

  2. oh pooks, good luck with your shopping today. Try to maintain your sanity!

  3. savoringsarah

    I managed to get all my shopping done (last night) wooooo! A full 48 hours before I normally manage to squeeze it all in 😉 Hope you get out before it gets dark!!

  4. Hope you’re able to get out of work soon!! 🙂

  5. My dad JUST asked me to buy a gift for my mom (from him). agggghhh! it’s a good thing I love that man. 😉

    I hope you get to see your sister SOON and hope you got out of work early!

  6. Yes I am busy : ) Gotta love the holidays!!

    Merry Christmas girl!

  7. ExerciseTV’s New Year New You workout pledge is great! It motivates you motivated to get that holiday weight off and start fresh for the New Year. Plus, there’s the sweepstakes prize is great – a round trip ticket to Los Angeles for two!

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