Twas the night before Christmas…

Well hello there fabulous friends!  I feel like it’s been forever, no? 😉

The Man and I would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and we hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday celebration!!  

I must say that I am looking forward to reading all of your fabulous holiday recaps as the day moves on (woah Google Reader outta control wow ❤ it!!!)

As for us, our holiday was nothing short of spectacular 🙂  I couldn’t have asked for anything more – the company, the food, the entertainment, the generosity…. everything that Christmas should be and more and I am so grateful for all of it!

First up, a Christmas Eve recap from our side of town 😉

Twas the afternoon night before Christmas and all through the house…..

Cocktails were poured and enjoyed by the sisters

Presents galore were exploding with Christmas

The appetizers were set out for the family to enjoy



And the sisters were ready to start with the cooking

With a tap at the door there arose a small clatter, we sprang to the door to see what was the matter!  


Away from the doorstep he ran like a flash, the UPS Santa had come with a stash!

Side note:  So excited that the wonderful folks over at Xagave knew how to kick this Christmas Eve up a notch by sending me this fantastic package – surprise! – oh I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in the cookbook bc they all look spectacular 🙂

You will be seeing these adventures in the upcoming week…. stay tuned!

The rest of the family arrived with their eating caps on

Now Sharon, now Kim, now Steph and now Lucy (?) let’s roll to the kitchen!!

Homemade pierogi

Sauteed mushrooms w/ onion and garlic


Baked scallops w/ lemon, butter & worcestershire topping


The table was set and dinner was ready


Pierogi w/ green onion butter, sauerkraut and noodles, shrimp, baked scallops, sauteed mushrooms, salad = 6!  Plus 1 for the appetizer and 7 were served 🙂

Even Miss Thang wanted in on that action!

Once the dinner was over, the present unwrapping began…so I leave you with that friends… I hope you enjoyed!

I’ll be back later for a full Christmas Day recap spent at The Man’s family’s house which included presents, dinner for 18 (?!?!?!), Wii dancing and more!

Have a great day everyone, time for this lady to get outside and enjoy the weekend (Lucy says so too!) 🙂



7 responses to “Twas the night before Christmas…

  1. Your Christmas eve celebration looked fabulous! The photo of you, your sis, and mom- so cute.

    And, you look adorable. I love the boots and that dress.

    Merry Christmas lady.

  2. louisianagrown

    What a cute little Christmas story!

  3. What a gorgeous outfit!! Merry Christmas to you and The Man!! 🙂

  4. bom chica ow owwww, Mrs. Clause ain’t got nuttin’ on you, girl!

    Merry Christmas to you and your main squeeze!

  5. LOVE your outfit- so cute. And yes, those pierogies look AMAZING. Hope you had SUCH a good Christmas day 🙂

  6. Love your Christmas Eve recap! Looks like you had a wonderful time with lots of yummy food!

  7. Okay, LOVE your dress AND your boots!! You look so gorgeous! This was the first Christmas I didn’t wear a dress or skirt and I felt a little sad about it. 😉

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