Oh Monday, here you go with your silly tricks again!

Well hello there my wonderful friends!  How are ya’ll doing today on this last Monday of 2009?  Hopefully better than this girl (whose luck apparently never runs out these days hahaha) — since I am home sick with some nasty tonsilitis and issues with the wisdom tooth extracted just last week.  Oh Monday funday. 

I spent my morning at the doctor’s office getting antibiotics for my throat which is swollen halfway shut, talk about a fun night of sleep that wasn’t 😦  I think it’s time for a certain someone to consider getting their tonsils yanked out, to put it nicely.  Then I went to the dentist around noon to find out actually what I find to be good news, the wisdom tooth is healing up great except for the massive ulcer that has formed around it – awesome.

Okay so anywho, enough of my troubles bringing you guys down, that’s not what we’re here for is it?!  As always – things could be worse 🙂  I am just praying to the sick Gods that I get healthy for our cruise departure in t-minus 5 days (who’s counting?!)

In honor of Holiday Cruise 2010 with the fanatic fam + The Man (this is a first! 🙂 ) I thought I’d do a lil’ photo montage of cruises from the fanatic past…. hope you enjoy!

Cruise #1:  Lil’ Sisters graduation present from Big Sis 🙂

Seriously don’t know how we survived that one hahaha 😉

Cruise #2:  Christmas Cruise round 1 w/ the parentals!


And a tradition begins!  Of course making friends with the waiters, they are the best 🙂

Cruise #3:  Spring Bahamas family tour!


Hahaha nuff said 😉

Cruise #4:   Holiday Cruisin’ round 2 w/ the fanatic fam!


Bravin’ the waters for the sake of Christmas tradition! 

Cruise #5:  The Man and Cookinfanatic set out for their first cruisin’ adventure together!


I think someone is hooked, no pun intended 😛

Cruise #6:  Holiday cruisin’ round 3 with the addition of The Man, I can’t wait!! Now tonsils – get better fast you hear?  Hey better now then later, I couldn’t even imagine….

And since obviously my appetite is all sorts of funk-di-fied today (think yogurt, rice pudding and ice cream as key staples) I’ll leave you with the most gorgeous pictures that my friend Wendy was kind of enough to send along from their recent trip to the Keys (The Man’s parents were there too!)


Her and her hubby are food lovahs just like most of us out here 😉 and can cook up some mean dishes if I must say so myself (hello famous brie & pork butt!)  Thanks so much Wendy for allowing me to pass these beautiful stone crab claw pictures along, now if only I was there to eat them ….. 😉

Alright friends, hoping the meds start working their magic and I can get back to work tomorrow (yes, who says that?) – typical Steph fashion….

I hope you have a most wonderful Monday and see you soon! 🙂


11 responses to “Oh Monday, here you go with your silly tricks again!

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    Love the cruise pics!

  2. Sounds like a classic case of the Mondays… 😦 Sorry you’re not feeling well. Rest up so you’ll be all better soon!! 🙂 Love the cruise pics!!

  3. I honestly wish we were born without tonsils. They are such a pain in the butt!
    I’ve never been on a cruise before but oh my god I want to go on one right now! haha. That is one tradition I wish my family had!

  4. girl you are livin’ the life! I have only been on a cruise once.. well, I wasn’t exactly on the cruise — my mom was prego with me and she went on one.. does that count? no? wahhh.

    only 12 more hours left of monday… woo!

  5. 12? wow.. i mean 7 <– reason #32994390 why I'm an English major.

  6. louisianagrown

    So jealous… As I was looking through this, I asked my mom if we could go on a cruise this summer, and she said MAYBE. Cross your fingers for me!

  7. I looked at your post as a ‘break’ at work earlier today at work. Your cruise pictures put me in paradise mode for a split second. Thank you for that my love!

  8. wow… can we join the Fanatic family?!?!?! HAHA you wouldn’t made two more? Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  9. Oh, NO! I hope you feel better soon….especially before your cruise! We’ve had some sickies around here, too…it’s no fun to be sick, especially this time of year! Feel better soon!

    LOVE the cruise pics. You and your sister are so beautiful! Hahaha love the gangsta side hat pic. 🙂

  10. OMG you poor thing! I have issues with my tonsils as well so I feel your pain and I’m so sorry! 😦
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’re feeling 100% by cruise time!

  11. Tonsilitis?! Oh no! Sounds like you are doing all the right things to get yourself back in good health and ready for your big cruise!

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