Cookin’ Creations!

Well look at this, I have made it back for a dinner post tonight!  This is goooooooood 😉 

Needless to say I have started to feel better throughout the day and can now actually get up and perform normal daily activities (i.e. cooking dinner) 🙂

However friends, I gots to make this quick since I haven’t spent hardly any time with The Man in a few days thanks to this wonderful sickness adventure!

After lunch today I knew that I was craving broccoli & cheese for dinner, and since I’m apparently on a “cream of ____” kick I wanted to include this too!  We are really trying to use up all foods in the house before we go away, so prepare to see some ummmm creativity in the next few days 😉

I also had some brussel sprouts that I knew I was ready to chow down on!  The other day I stumbled across a fabulous idea for roasting these as well, so I knew that was goin’ to be in the works for din tonight.

Up first, the cream of chicken creation – which I decided would become a casserole. I started with this:

I sauteed up some chopped chicken breast in a lil’ EVOO, salt & pepper. 

Then I added the frozen broccoli, which I had cooked first in the ol’ microwave

At this point I dumped in the can of cream of chicken soup and a sprinkle of paprika, plus more S&P 🙂

After a quick taste, I decided that some red pepper flakes & minced garlic were in order… love the “create as you go” recipes as ya’ll well know 😉

I also cooked up some rice and then it was time to layer up the casserole!

1. Rice

2. Chicken & broc mixture

3. Topped with some of that TJs cheese I was raving about earlier!

4. Popped into a 400F oven for about 15 minutes so the cheese could get all melty… and voila!

I also roasted up the brussel sprouts according to direction

And dinner was served – yea yummmmmmmmmmm!


I wasn’t sure how this cream of chicken concoction would turn out – however The Man declared that this dinner was a complete success and I think I’d have to agree.  The cheese really pulled it all together into just a warm, gooey tasty pile of yumminess 😉

Alright, well gots to run friends, see you tomorrow where hopefully I will be back in action (aka at work) and resuming some normal life activities!

Have a lovely night friends 🙂


11 responses to “Cookin’ Creations!

  1. Have fun with your man!!! I am so glad that you are starting to feel better.

    You always amaze me that you manage to pull of a wonderful dinner regardless of what you have going on. I usually resort to less than stellar meals, as you know. 🙂

  2. We almost made the same thing tonight! And we made the same TJ sausages w/sauce the other night. Are we mind readers?:)

  3. savoringsarah

    Yum-o woman! Dinner looks gooooood. Love the way cheese & cream o’ soup melts into broccoli. Glad you’re feelin better!

    Oh and I’m pretty sure I could eat roasted Brussels every single night.

  4. OOOooooh, that looks like a comfort meal! I loooooove those comfort meals this time of year, esp healthy ones like your’s!! 🙂

  5. SO glad to hear you’re feeling better. I love casserole bakes- just delicious and comforting. Now go spend some more time with that man of yours!

  6. Wow – your chicken casserole looks FABUOLOUS! Creamy, cheesy comfort. Glad your liked the brussels sprouts too – so easy and tasty – LOVE them 😀

  7. glad you’re feeling a bit better! i love broccoli + cheese in anything 🙂

  8. Glad to see that you are feeling better 🙂 And roasting brussel sprouts is a favorite of mine! Easy and delicious!!!!

  9. Mmm – I have some brussels sprouts waitin’ for me at home…I want them now!! Your casserole looks amazing. Props to you for cooking even when not feeling 100%! Have fun with your man, girl. 🙂

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  11. Tasty recipe! :). I love reading your web logs. Where did you download this beautiful site design from? Greetings from new orleans.

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