Massive quantities of ice cream!!

Well hello there friends, how’s everyone doing today?! 🙂

I am saying hello to ya’ll fabulous peeps from my bed, which I have been stationed in for ohhhh the past 30 hours or so haha.  But I think that I am finally starting to get better wooo hooo!  Perhaps it was all your kind words that helped in that (ya’ll rock) !!!

Lucy Dog says that she is bored of all this bedtime!

I think I’m going to have to agree with her for once 😉

So after I saw you last my temperature decided to play tricks on me and spike to a lovely 100.5F for the remainder of the afternoon/evening which was awesome.  And by awesome, I mean miserable 😦  So needless to say I have been doing alot of sleeping! and eating ice cream (shhhh)

I would have posted dinner, except I doubt you friends were dyin’ to see a can of chicken noodle soup and half grilled cheese in the GF that The Man whipped up for me (he takes care of me <3) so I refrained 😉

I slept through the night sans Advil (a miracle!) and woke up today feeling a bit better.  After another morning of doing nothing around the house (besides eating massive quantities of ice cream gahh? why don’t I lose my appetite when I’m sick like normal people? so freaking weird!) I felt up to a somewhat normal lunch — good sign!

Eggs, Broccoli and Cheese were what I was craving…. so that’s how it went down.

Sauteed up some frozen chopped broc and hashbrowns

Added in 3 egg whites and some of this guy – which is quite possibly some of the best cheese I have had in “ages” (haha get it? I crack myself up sometimes… terrible)

All finished up with some S&P + ketchup (ya’ll know how I roll)

Plus a small leftover salad that I didn’t want to go to waste, not the most fun to eat in this sore throat condition I learned though hmph!

And then of course MORE ice cream (hello bathing suit wearing in 5 days… nice to meet you… my name is “I eat a tub of ice cream in 2 days”… how have things been?… can’t wait for our rendevous in Mexico, it’s sure to be swell ha)

Anywho, we won’t go there, K friends?? 😉

Well I am sure there is more of the same on the agenda for this afternoon… hoping I really make a turnaround into tonight and continue on this upswing!  I think I’m going to try to make a list of items to pack for the cruise too, does anyone else make detailed packing lists before vacations too?  I couldn’t pack any other way – call me anal retentive if you will 😛

I also want to dig a lil’ more into this fabulous book that my Dad got me for Christmas… so far it has been amazing and you better believe that you friends will be seeing these dishes in the new year!

I am in love 🙂

Alright everyone, plan on seeing another broc & cheese themed dinner if all goes well! 

Lucy Dog says goodbye too – she’s got more napping to do and we wouldn’t want to wake the princess haha 😉

She’s such a snob isn’t she?!

Have a wonderful day friends and see you soon 🙂


11 responses to “Massive quantities of ice cream!!

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Ice cream makes everything better 🙂

  2. I love monteray jack cheese!

  3. I was recently sick and craved ice cream too! (I thought it was really wierd – but maybe normal?!?!?)

  4. Don’t you worry about the swimsuit… you’ll look amazing in it I’m sure! Ice cream is one of the best medicines out there!! 🙂

  5. louisianagrown

    I’ve tried to take trips without making lists, and I just forget everything at home. One time I even forgot my whole bag of shoes; all I had were the ones on my feet!

  6. oh lovepie.. 100+ degrees? mass quantities of ice cream is totally justified!

  7. Hi Stephanie,

    So sorry you have been sick and glad you are starting to mend. I hope you feel totally awesome by vacation departure time. Take it easy. I think of you when I am at the grocery store, “would Stephanie buy this” “what would Stephanie do with this”, etc LOL you are my mentor. Looking forward to the Cooking Light recipes.

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