Bring on the PFs!

Hello from Tampa friends!!! 🙂  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

We made it here earlier today and are having a lovely time so far 🙂 Flights went smoothly and luggage arrived as planned, which is always a good thing when it comes to traveling in my book.

However they did mess up our tix at the RIC airport so The Man and I got upgraded to business class… yes please!  The Man made full use of this luxury, obvi 😉

Upon arrival we quickly realized that it was not gonna be a shorts and t-shirt kinda day, ummmm it’s in the 30s here in “sunny Florida”?!??!  Totally didn’t expect that one and crossing my fingers that it warms up since I packed ohhh mostly short sleeves and the such…. but anywho.

We are staying overnight right near the Tampa Bay football stadium so of course a short frigid  walk was in order this afternoon.  The Man’s bff loves the team so he wanted to get some pix.  We ended up seeing some of the players come out of the stadium post-game which was pretty cool, if I knew who they were it probably would have been better though haha 😉

After returning back to our hotel from this 1.5 mile (?) adventure it was time for a hot shower and some dinner!  Last time we were here we hit up PF Chang’s , I see a new tradition in order!!  Good thing we made some reservations earlier in the day bc this place was bumpin’ much like last time around.

Ya’ll know that I am not a big chain restaurant fan, but sometimes I just get a craving for some PF’s!

Drinks were in order, vacation has started  😛

Crab wontons for starters, served with a plum sauce (so good!)

Then a slew of delicious including Cantonese Shrimp, Lemon Pepper Shrimp, Spicy Green Beans, Sesame Chicken, Buddha’s Feast and brown rice galore!

Mom and I had ordered the Cantonese Shrimp as our main dish to share, but of course we all dug in family style 😉

First plate was some of this good stuff plus green beans and brown rice

Plus bites of everything else seen and then some haha ooooops 😛  Hey, it is vacation right?!?!

Oh yes, and of course the dessert minis:  carrot cake and chocolate raspberry yumminess

We also got some pretty hilarious fortunes in our cookies but we’ll save that inappropriate discussion for another time, k?  (think “endurance being rewarded with beers and spirits, true love coming unexpectedly and chickens”) hahaha??  

The plan for the rest of the night is to lounge around and get to bed early.  Lil sis and I are waking up for an early morning workout to start the cruise off right!  I am thinking an ExerciseTV yoga session is in order 🙂

See you tomorrow before we board for the cruise, hoping the temps will get a bit warmer so we can enjoy some time outside!! 

And of course I hope you fabulous friends are having a wonderful Sunday 🙂


8 responses to “Bring on the PFs!

  1. Tampa is just 2 hours north of where we are from..and yes I hope the weather gets warmer!! Which I am sure it will : )

    Have a great vacation!!

  2. can’t wait to make my fortune come true….goal for the next few days? hint hint….

    you should see mom and i right now. its funny.

    love ya!

  3. I love PF Changs!! Those fortunes sure do sound interesting… 😉

  4. i adore pf changs!!!! the mini desserts are the best! have fun on your cruise 🙂

  5. Hi Steph,

    I am in Tampa and it is cold. Enjoy the cruise! Do you leave today?
    I love PF Changs too. But my hubby doesn’t so I don’t get it often which is probably a good thing. Not much low cal there.

  6. OH my god I can’t believe how lucky you are. I am stuck in this frozen Boston and you are on the sunny seas! Enjoy yourself girl! Love that chinese spread too, yummmmm!!!

  7. ahhhh LOVE PF’s!!! Mmmm their lettuce wraps. Amazing. I hope it warms up for you! Surely when you get on the cruise it will?? And that is awesome about the 1st class upgrade – good luck already in ’10!

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