And we’re off!

Good morning friends!!!  Happy first Monday of the new year 🙂

Gotta make this a quickie (TWSS) ’cause we’re shuttling over to catch the boat in 1 hour and this lady has yet to shower and pack up!

Probably bc I was too busy with my Yoga Session on ExerciseTV this morning 😛  YogaFitnessPlus!!  

Alright, well it’s that time…. See ya’ll next weekend!  And don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of pix and recaps for all of you!

Now go have yourselves a great first full week of 2010, I’ll miss you guys!!! (and hopefully not the boat 😉 )



10 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. I hope you have a GREAT time – I know you will! Can’t wait to see the pics and recap!

  2. Have an absolute blast!

  3. have an amaze time, girlfraaan!

  4. I’M GOING TO MISS YOU!!! Have tons of fun in the sun. 🙂


  5. Have a great time!! Look forward in hearing all about it.

    We will miss ya girl!!

  6. The Man's Mom

    It’s Tuesday night and expect you’re well out to sea by now and having a ball. Just wanted to let you know that Lucy Dog is just fine and we’re enjoying her as well as the accomodations! All is well. Also, one of your Xmas gifts arrived yesterday (of course)! Have fun and miss you already!!! Drop us a line or six 🙂

  7. louisianagrown

    SO jealous of your trip. Can’t wait to see pictures when you get back!

  8. Have a great time!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  9. Have a blast. YOU’RE ON BOAT!

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