Cruise recap part 2!


Ahhh we have finally made it home friends!  Note to Richmond airport:  please begin to schedule direct flights to Florida for less than $1M so I don’t have to connect and sit through 4 hour layovers & get home in under 9 hours.  K, thanks 🙂

Anywho, got ourselves some Cheesecake Factory and are back in front of the fire just as we left last week, ahhh Mexico sunshine I do miss thee.  However I am still left with the feeling of being on the ship (it was a rocky week for some reason) so I guess that’s my souveneir 😉

Well I hope you enjoyed the first half of the cruise recap and as promised, I’m gonna finish this week up for ya right here, right now!


Last I recall, the fanatic fam had spent a most wonderful day in Costa Maya, Mexico soaking up the rays and enjoying some of the local cuisine (and by cuisine, I definitely don’t mean tasty beverages 😉 )

Upon arriving back at the port, we found that our ship had pulled up next to the giant Independence of the Seas, another of the RCC fleet.  Holy moly this ship was gi-normous! 

Once we were back onboard we played some fun games back and forth with the other boat (yes that would be them yelling at us from up above in the pic), including a pretty hilariously egged on belly flop contest which after a day in Mexico one can imagine how that goes down 😉 hahaha


Dinnertime rolled around and we were thrilled that it was tiger shrimp night!  They butterfly these suckers and even de-shell them right there for you at the table… served with buttery rice, asparagus, roasted tomatoes and wilted greens –  Fit for a queen?!

The appetizer of roasted garlic, squash, mushrooms and melon with proscuitto was phenomenal too, one of my fave starters for sure 🙂

And the desserts were in full force at our table of course, woah nelly it was a good night!


Molten chocolate cake (1 of 2 fave desserts of the week! just wait, there’s more….), chocolate mint cake, tiramisu, orange sherbert and pistachio ice cream haha as you can see we really skimped on the splurgin’ 😉  Ooops!

We called it a short night because we knew there was much fun to be had bright and early in Cozumel the next day (nothing like some 10am margs, right fanatic fam?!)

He got us settled in and ready for bed… smooooooth operator?

We pulled into Cozumel early Thursday morning and I couldn’t wait to be back!  This is one of my favorite ports and knew that we had picked the best excursion for the day (oh yes, me and lil’ sis enjoyed this one a bit too much last year if ya know what I’m sayinnnnn 😉 )

Playa Mia Beach Break!!!  Open buffet, open bar, open beach…. ’nuff said.



The pina coladas at this beach club are the best I’ve ever had (you da best I’ve everrrr haddddd) and I seriously may or may not go to Cozumel purely for these drinks.  We checked out how they were made and unlike your usual sugary treat, these suckers only have 97 cals per 8 ounces – cha ching!!!!  Bring it.

They opened up the buffet for some deelish Mexican eats, holy salsa yum 😛


And of course the day would not be complete without a sista pic around the Xmas tree!

Once we got back to the port we did some shopping and I purchased a pretty Mexican marg glass, clay serving bowl & artwork for the house.

Plus a critical stop for Mexican beer, chips and wrestling masks (?) was also in order. Haha jk folks, no more masks 😛


Soon enough we made it back on board with a few minutes to spare and then it was off into the sunset!

After some resting and relaxation we got ready for the Platinum members party which included more free drinks and some delicious apps, hello!


Then it was off to dinner (somehow we were still goin’ strong?!), lobster night up in this ship whoop whoop! (bc more food was really necessary at this point right)


And what was tied for the most delicious dessert while onboard… lowfat chocolate cakes of fabulousness (kidding friends, there was nothing lowfat about this mwuhaha). 

Remember the molten chocolate cakes from earlier that I raved about?  Well the head waiter set aside extra chocolate for us this night and made us a mega plate!  2 of 2 fave desserts of the week! 🙂

After a hilarious round of The Quest (if you’ve been on RCC, you know what I’m talkin’ bout!) it was time to call it a night… ahhhh Mexico 😉

Friday was our last day, and it started off sunny as could be until we hit the lovely cold air mass that has been cruising through the US lately (no pun intended).  Temps dropped within minutes and rain was all around.  Bah humbug, we spent this day indoors lazyyyyy 😛

Once dinner rolled around we were well rested and ready to get our last of the cruise eats (did I mention I miss cooking, I must be nuts?!)

Dinner was once again impressive, I think each of our meals were def above par and I must say I was a happy girl!  My pant’s button on the other hand, not so much….. but we won’t go there k? 😉


Pipin’ hot spinach dip and French onion soup


Rice biryani w/ cucumber dip & Mahi tempura in a most delectable light batter

Key lime pie, chocolate raspberry cake and banana nut parfait — oh I’ll be glad to see no more desserts for a while after this (that was my waistline talking)

After dinner we watched some comedy and gameshows then hit the sack.  Wake up call bright and early for a full day of travel!

So that’s that friends… first week of 2010 spent in the best way possible as far as I can imagine.  Time with the family and The Man, beautiful destinations, delicious eats/drinks… it was an amazing vacation and I am so grateful that we were able to go. 

But now there is only 1 thing missing and that’s my precious pup!  Gahhhhh I can’t wait to see her… my goodness I miss that face 😛  (She’s at the kennel for the night, we shall be reunited tomorrow around 2pm sharp after she gets a bath and her nails did, that priss!)

On another note, The Man and I have declared next week “Back on Track Week”!!  Time to fight the cruise bloat and get ourselves back in gear 🙂  So look forward to a week of healthy eats which I am pulling together with inspiration from my new Cooking Light cookbook (is it sad that I miss the grocery store haha?)  Also look for some movin’ and groovin’ around these parts, and by that I mean some serious exercisin’!  And speaking of exercise, stay tuned too for a fun giveaway from one of my favorite tv channels (hint hint: “exercise” is part of the name) to help kick start this healthy week too! 

See you friends tomorrow and can’t wait to resume normal bloggin’ – I’ve missed you guys!!

Adios for now 🙂


9 responses to “Cruise recap part 2!

  1. All of those desserts are so gorgeous and fancy!! You definitely started 2010 out right!! 🙂

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    i’ve never been on a cruise, yours looks like it was so much fun and full of yummy eats!

  3. savoringsarah

    Holy amazing food!! EVERYTHING looks incredible! glad you had such a wonderful trip 🙂

  4. So glad you are back. I actually had to do some cooking of my own since I missed you so much. Tried out a new recipe I will have to send you. Spinach Rolls – not sure what else to call them. I honestly think of you now every time I venture out and give something a try. LOL

  5. Oh and great recap – looks like you had a blast. I agree with the direct flight request to Richmond from Tampa. It was so funny to see you in front of a Christmas tree in shorts.

  6. look at you miss seksiiiii beach babe! you certainly kicked your 2010 off on the right foot!

  7. Oh my gosh, girl…what an AMAZING trip!!! Best weather, great company, and that molten cake? Seriously?!! You look SO great in all of your pics – love your swim suits and your clothes! Ah, spring clothes…I cannot wait to wear you again.

    I’m sure you’re happy to be home with your puppers, and I totally miss the grocery store when I go away! (Not so much cooking, though). 😉

  8. Awww what a sweet doggie. 🙂 And your sloppy joes look great!!

  9. Wow, your cruise pics from recap 1 and 2 look ever so glamorous! You all look like you enjoyed yourself, had great weather and awesome looking food! I hope your adjusting well to life back in VA.

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