Cruise recap part 1!

HELLO FRIENDS!!  We’re backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 🙂

I missed all of you so much and I hope that you had a most wonderful start to the new year!

We had a blast on our cruise, the weather in Tampa started out cold and yucky but once we high tailed it towards Mexico the weather took a turn for fantastic 🙂  Phew….!

So I guess that since I have so much to share with you friends, I’m going to split it up into two posts, this one devoted to the first half of the trip and one a bit later for the second half… sound good?  K awesome 😉 

Also warning:  Cookinfanatic had her fair share of eats this trip… so we’ll just pretend this isn’t a “healthy eating” blog for a week, ya heard?  (plus only 2 days of exercise all week eh hmm vacation mode) Thanks friends, knew you’d understand!

JANUARY CRUISE 2010 Part 1 – hereeee weeee go

All aboard in Tampa!  Nothin’ says cruisin’ like a jacket & scarf right?…. brrr

First things first, priorities people


Yea yea yea 😉

After a fun afternoon of drinking wine ship exploring we headed to our first dinner (keepin’ it to the highlights if I can since there was so much delicious goin’ on all week!)


Vidalia onion tart & Pork tenderloin with buttery mashed potatoes & mushroom ragout


Lobster ravioli & Peach & blueberry crumble served warm with vanilla ice cream

Plus some shannigans to end of the night, obvi 😉

Tuesday morning started off cool, but the warmth was on the way!  By lunch time it was a beautiful 75F and sunny…. pool please! (fro yo follows me everywhereeeee what is up with that? 😛 )

Lunches twice a day what?  looked a lot like this everyday – totally obsessed with their salad bar, deli meat and low fat creamy Italian dressing…

The second night was formal night so folks were all dressed up and lookin’ fly, we didn’t go too crazy with that but it was still a wonderful night!

Free champagne at the captain’s reception ya say?  Um we’re on it!


Dinner was such a wonderful selection of choices, which of course we got multiple of 😛


Shrimp cocktail & Lobster bisque


Potato curry & Golden sea bass


Filet of beef & Sugar free coconut cake

Top off the night with perhaps a few too many of these 😉 and you got yourself one great day at sea!

When we woke up Wednesday we were in Costa Maya, Mexico and it was gorgeous out!!  Couldn’t have asked for better, sunny and about 80F 🙂

The day’s activity included a 30 minute bus drive through the middle of nowhere to a secluded beach club with our group, hello open bar uh ohhhhhhhh!

We got to work soakin’ up the rays & tastin’ some of the local beverages 😛


Pina coladas, Dos Equis and the most fabulous guac & tortilla chips ever, holy yum!


And of course we just couldn’t leave without a Mexican wrestling mask…. yes friends, this really happened haha (oh mennnnn)

We got back to port just in time to witness all sorts of alcohol induced “stays in Mexico” kinda shannigans at the pool bar, scarring.  Anywho, more Dos Equis & the such were obviously in order 😉


We managed to make it back on board the ship just in time for departure!  Costa Maya was fabulous, sad to sail away….

And that’s where it ends for now friends, time to board our plane soon – see ya from ATL for a second half recap and as always, I hope ya’ll are having a most wonderful weekend! 🙂


6 responses to “Cruise recap part 1!

  1. Nice recap! Looks like you had a lot of fun 😀

  2. wow what a fun trip!!! i love dos equis and guacamole.. and the beach – ahhh i want vacation now. glad youre back 🙂

  3. Looks like an incredible time!! I love your top you’re wearing in the pic from formal night. I want to go somewhere WARM!! 🙂

  4. aw pookie, I saw your comment today and literally jumped for joy! so happy you’re home – though i’m pretty positive all of these recaps are going to make me insanely jealous. Yup, they definitely are.

  5. savoringsarah

    gorgeous. now I need a warm weather vacay!! ❤ pool bar shenanigans 🙂

  6. oh my gosh! SO jealous- you’re making me super excited for our trip in March. Looks like you guys had an absolute blast (you both are adorable). Love the looks of the blueberry crumble and coconut pie! YUM!

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