Truckin’ along through another Tuesday

So nice to see ya friends! 🙂

Truckin’ along through another Tuesday ya say?  Same here, however work has been pretty busy now that we are in full year-end reporting mode!  I like it that way though, makes the days fly byyyyyyyyyy……

What does not make the days fly by however?  The anticipation of devouring a lunch of delicious leftovers! 😛  Why is it that this never fails to make my whole morning creep along slower than Brittany Spear’s current music career (sorry, had to do it, much ❤ Brit)?!

Lunch eats included the leftover salad, which quadrupled in size before making it to my bowl apparently (Honey I Blew Up the Kid Salad? haha)  I had a dijon vinaigrette made using my fave mustard evah to go with, yumm-O

And what was left of the Chicken Cacciatore! 🙂

Oh yes, this was a good one.  You know what they say, fine wine chicken cacciatore just gets better with age….

Home cooked meal + working in a cubicle > no home cooked meal + working in a cubicle. 

There’s my math lesson for the day 😉

Well, I better get back to this lil’ thing they call work – on tonight’s agenda is a seafood dinner (paying tribute to the cruise perhaps?) so hope you stay tuned!

And before I go I hope that you friends will all enter my fabulous giveaway from ExerciseTV if you haven’t done so already!!! 


You have until Friday for your chance to win some wonderful exercise downloads including yoga, abs, buns and total body workouts… so what are you waiting for?! 😛

And if you still haven’t gotten your “giveaway fix” 😉 check out my girl over @BranAppetit who is hosting an awesome Crofter’s fruit spread giveaway too.

Wish I could say that I was at home with this lil’ lady loungin around (a dog’s life is rough eh?!) but alas, such is not the case…

Alright, reality check, back to work now… enjoy your day friends!


3 responses to “Truckin’ along through another Tuesday

  1. savoringsarah

    Muahaha, you must be gettin back in the swing of things- this was QUITE the sassy post! ❤ Seafood for us tonight, too!

  2. How do you make your dijon viniagrette? Do you just combine the mustard with vinegar?

    Have a great evening!!

  3. I really thought Brit was making a hugh jass comeback with circus but she disappeared. Let’s hope she’s not bald and craycray again!

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