Hip hip hooray for pizza day!

Happpppppppppy Humpday friends!!! 

Well I’ll just get right into it today 😛

A few weeks back the lovely Holly nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award – thanks so much, you rock girl for realz! 🙂


So I get to share 7 fun facts about mee-self with you friends &  also nominate 7 bloggie friends to do the same 🙂  Oh this should be good interesting…. here. we. go!

1.  My favorite movie growing up was Mannequin, I watched the VHS tape (remember those?) so many times that it literally wore out and became unwatchable.

2. I taught myself to play the piano in the fifth grade and loved it, I hope to rekindle the piano playin’ flame sometime during my adult life.

3.  When my mom was expecting my lil’ sis she asked me whether I would rather have (1) a new brother (2) a new sister or (3) a new doll.  I chose doll – hey I was like 6 years old to my defense haha.  We all see how that turned out 😉  Love you sis!!!!

4. I got close to straight A’s in college and graduated with a 3.86 cumulative GPA while also drinking my face off  partying responsibly and enjoyin’ the heck outta those 4 years.  Whoop whoop JMU!!

5.  The first time I ever went on an airplane was during my internship with a public accounting firm after junior year of college, the flight was a whopping 45 minutes to Philly & I was a nervous wreck haha! 

6.  My all time favorite activity is lounging in the sun by the pool or on the beach, that is where I am my happiest and most relaxed 🙂  I really don’t belong in cold weather, for realz.

7.  Last but certainly not least, growing up during elementary & middle school I was very overweight and often taunted, picked last for dodgeball, not let on the tire swing, you name it (kids can be cruel) which led me to very unhealthy and borderline eating disorder-like habits during high school and college.  I have finally found a healthy balance with eating & exercise which is so important to me, that of which most likely stems from these phases of my life.

Alright now my nominations!  I hope you friends will check out each of these lady’s websites, each of them are fabulous and I can’t wait to learn some fun things about all of them 🙂

Jenna @Foodie in the City

Sarah @Savoring Sarah

Caroline @Caroline Dines

Brittany @Eating Bird Food

Therese @Healthy Hott Housewife

Erica @Itzy’s Kitchen

Jessica @How Sweet It Is

As for lunch, today is actually pizza day at the office and we ordered from probably one of the best pizza spots in the Richmond area (if you live around these parts, def check this place out! 🙂 )

The salad was by far the best we’ve had ordered in – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, pepperoncini, feta, vinaigrette (sound familiar 😉 ) and the veggie pizza was face-rockin’ good!

Lunch = Deelish.  Math lesson #2?  😛

After I finish up the day here at work I plan on heading home for some sort of exercise session, haven’t decided exactly what I’m in the mood for yet but I’m hopin’ something will strike my fancy soon enough!  I also have a dinner toss-up goin’ on in the old noggin’ so we’ll see what wins out tonight…

If you haven’t entered the ExerciseTV giveaway I’ll bug you again to check it out and take a minute to do so!! 🙂  I’m enjoying reading about your fave ways to stay fit and can’t wait to pick a winner on Friday!

Alright, back to the grind… here’s to Wednesday!  Have a great day friends 🙂


15 responses to “Hip hip hooray for pizza day!

  1. Thank you darling!!! OMG -I LOVED Mannequin, too. Watched in 24/7. You know they are doing a remake??

  2. savoringsarah

    Thanks gorgeous 😉

    This also decides for sure we are the same person. I taught myself to play guitar, I used to ask my mom to return my bro and exchange him for the newest barbie out, I made deans list while partying thurs-sat, my first time flying was when I was 21, I ❤ spending my vacays lounging, reading, sippin drinks AND in elementary school my nick name was "ButterBall". SHEESH!!

    one little thing though- what is this mannequin that you speak of?! I have never heard/seen it!? PLEASE DON'T DISOWN ME!!!

    • Check your twitter girlfriend, I sent you the DL on Mannequin… I will quiz you later and determine whether or not you will be disowned 😉

      JK I would never do that to ya sista! We seriously are for real so similar it’s insaneeeeeeeeeeeee?!?! 🙂

  3. I LOVED Mannequin! Always think of it when I hear “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” – that’s in there, right? Kim Cattrall…oh how she has changed.

    Loved reading your 7 things, and thanks for your sweet words!! Dang, you’s pretty smart. 🙂 And that makes me so, so sad to read that about your younger years. Kids are down right CRUEL. I remember coming home sobbing because kids made fun of my (dry) skin. Are you frickin’ kidding me?! You are absolutely fabulous and I’m sure if your former classmates (who made fun of you) saw you now, they’d definitely be feeling completely stupid!

    I’m glad you have such a healthy outlook on eating/working out now. You are definitely an inspiration for me!

    • Hey girl! Thanks again for the award, it was fun to put those facts out there and you are right about lil’ kids, they can be so mean it’s crazy! Thanks for your sweet words too, hope you are having a great day 🙂

  4. ah, I used to love Mannequin!!!

  5. Aww thanks for the tag cupcake!

    You can just move to Florida and we will lay by the pool all day while Lucy and Daisy play mmkay?

  6. Aww thanks for the tag cupcake!

    You can just move to Florida and we will lay by the pool all day while Lucy and Daisy play, and our men watch football mmkay? (Although I wouldn’t want to see them together during Bears/Packers!)

    • If I can retire at age 28 then I’ll be moving to Florida next year, kapeesh? Margs by the pool, pups playin’ and menz occupied with football sounds good to me 😉 !

  7. Mmm lounging by the pool or beach is probably one of my fave things to do as well!

  8. hahahah i like to think im more fun then a little doll 😉

  9. I loved Mannequin too! My aunt (who’s 8 years older) had it and we watched it every day one summer! Loved it so much. Now watching it is hysterical… so cheesy!! 🙂

  10. bahhhh #3 made me LOL so hard. I definitely would have traded my younger brother for a new American Girl doll if I had the choice 🙂

  11. The Man's Mom

    When I read “probably one of the best pizza spots in the Richmond area” I just KNEW you were talking about Jo Jo’s-even before I saw the picture! OMG, too funny. Guess you have to work downtime to appreciate it and if you haven’t tried, it’s awesome NY style pizza you can’t get anywhere else in Richmond.

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