It had to be said 🙂  Yep, first full week back to work since ooohhhh early December has been a success.  Not going to lie, I’m a wee bit tired from staying up til midnight watching Jersey Shore back to back smackdown working so hard this week 😉 but it has been a good week otherwise, no complaints here!

Speaking of not complaining, something I’m definitely not complaining about is the Chobani snack o’ yum that I had this morning!

 Non-fat plain w/ TJ’s pumpkin butter


Take that “certain other company that makes the infamous pumpkin pie yogurt” 😛  Mine had 18g of protein, how you like ‘dem apples pumpkins?

In other food news, lunch was some leftover Chicken Cacciatore that I had frozen from earlier in the week with plans to “save for a quick meal” – well that time just happened to come today!

With some leftover Cheesecake Factory wheat bread of course 🙂

Tupperware ain’t so glamorous 😉

And a side salad from the ol’ cafeteria which I topped with all sorts of goodies, including carrots, mushrooms, corn, black beans, green pepper & sunflower seeds – I loved the nutty seed addition, hadn’t had it in forever! 

Lunch was a winner!

And last but not least, I have some pretty shocking news for ya’ll.  So guess what my crazy self did earlier this week… I cancelled my gym membership after I don’t know how many years (*gasp*)!!  No, I haven’t given up on working out haha (ya’ll know me better than that!!!)  I just seriously couldn’t justify $48 a month when:

  1. With a busy work schedule I literally go to 2 classes a month, at best.
  2. I despise hum-drum workouts on the elliptical/treadmill/insert machine name here (this is just my personal opinion of course, to each their own 🙂 ) 
  3. I am addicted to working out at home with my new-found love for (a) yoga and (b) ExerciseTV – both of which I prefer 100 times more than going to the gym (once again, personal opinion 🙂 )

So that’s that, as of January 31 I will no longer by a YMCA member and will be exercising from the comforts of our beautiful exercise room – which could probably be reason #4 since I love having this space!

Alright friends, back to work for the rest of this Friday funday.  Tonight is date night & we are going out to dinner and most likely to see Avatar, unless I am too exhausted for the 10pm showing (seriously, 7pm and 10pm are the only times they could come up with?!?!?)… then it will be happening tomorrow instead!

So now I just have to figure out somewhere yummy that I want to eat… hmmmm I love this game!

I may try to squeeze in a post-work exercise sesh, or I may “save” it for tomorrow 😉  Hey, it’s Friday, I’m gonna do what I want 😛

See you back tonight for the WINNER of the ExerciseTV giveaway!!!


9 responses to “Gasp!

  1. LOL I love your attitude towards the “other company that makes pumpkin pie yogurt”. You show ’em girl!! 🙂

  2. Hey! Welcome back to reality. Glad you survived! I’m with you on the Exercise TV! I love those free workouts in the comfort of my own home!

  3. I quit the gym at the end of sept. and have am probably in way better shape now. Workout DVDs and Exercise TV are way better in my opinion. You can do it on your own time, own place, it’s free… I could go on and on about why it’s better!! 🙂

  4. Yay for leftovers!

    I would struggle with a 10pm movie on a friday night, I’m always tired by friday.

  5. I hope you have an excellent date night! We saw a few weeks ago in 3-D and it was so worth the extra money, I think it really made the movie so if you have the chance see it in 3-D! Love that bread from Cheesecake Factory too!

  6. the gym is soooo overrated. Personally, I love being able to wake up, roll out of bed an on to my yoga mat, and get all sweaty and gross without worrying if any hot muscle men are watchin’. it’s wonderful!

  7. I quit my gym too and love working out at home so much more! Exercise TV is the best!

  8. We just quit our gym too! Our focus now is on yoga plus doing stuff at home 🙂 You will love Avatar.

  9. Stonyfield’s PP yogurt never showed up in Richmond, but it’s all good because like you, I make my own pumpkin pie yogurt and it’s awesome.

    Wow. $48.00 is outrageous. Woo-hoo for workin it out at home!! The gym works for me because I tend to get distracted at home plus we don’t have a separate workout room so I have to do my workouts in the living room. Although when I was training for a 1/2 marathon I almost quit the gym- I was running outside and did a limited amount of strength training at home. There wasn’t really a reason to go… so I feel ya.

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