3oz. pours!!

Good morning friends! 

Ahhh I just finished up Cindy Whitmarsh LessIsMore Cardio on ExerciseTV + an ab workout using the medicine ball and it was fabulousssssss.  Seriously on the weekends the trick for me is to workout first thing, otherwise I get distracted and come up with 987 excuses later in the day 😉

Well I’m happy to report back that our dinner date at the wine bar was a complete success! 🙂  I have already requested we go back… tomorrow… although not realistic (and found to be quite humorous by The Man, but he’s used to my antics) a trip in the very near future is definitely planned — Brittany I see some potential for a lil’ double date night?! 

Coffee by day, Wine by night  (sounds like my personal motto… just sayin’) 

Cafe Caturra – check out their menu/wine list here

The interior of the restaurant was a cozy, mountain lodge type feel.  Wood burning fireplace and comfy couches dispersed amongst tables made for a lovely atmosphere. 

The wine list was great, and you could order in various size “ounce” pours!  

So of course I decided that I needed to try 2…. go fig 😉 

I ended up choosing a 3 oz. Chenin Blanc (Forrester “Petit Chenin”, South Africa) and a 6 oz.woah homegirl hooked it up 3 oz. Garnacha (Monte Oton, Spain).  The best part about the wine bar is that you can choose wines that you’ve never thought to buy/try bc of the smaller pour sizes & prices!

The Garnacha was my fave of the 2, a nice light red wine that was perfect paired with dinner 🙂

Speaking of our dinner, it was seriously impressive!

Caprese Crostini to share:  oven roasted tomato, whole milk mozzarella, sweet balsamic glaze & fresh basil 

Raspberry Wanut Salad for her:  fresh cut romaine tossed with raspberry walnut vinaigrette, dried cranberries, hearty toasted walnuts & chunks of tangy gorgonzola cheese

Caturra Club for him:  thinly shaved ham, oven roasted turkey, cherrywood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese & mayonnaise, served with fresh cut romaine & roma tomatoes


So what did we think?  Holy YUM!  This place has got their menu right.  The crostini were by far my favorite item and I almost had a temper tantrum when we dropped the leftover container of them in the parking lot but let’s not go there k? and the salad was also incredibly tasty!  I seriously want to try the other items on their menu, and more of their delicious wines… with this place being so close to our house I can def see some more visits happenin’  😉

And the portions were easily enough for 2 meals – win!

After dinner it was nearing 10pm and we both decided that Avatar would have to wait until tomorrow… super tiredddd & The Man’s beer of the month club arrived today so plans changed haha 😛

We’re thinking about going tonight, a bit earlier than 10pm though… 7pm it is!  Good thing I have some slow cooker enchiladas planned so they are ready for an early dinner 🙂

Alright, gotta run friends… on the agenda is getting measured for a bridesmaid dress, groceries and slow cooker action for dinner tonight!  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

P.S. Lil’ sis, if you’re reading, the title of this post is for YOU!!!! Haha, I knew you’d appreciate 😉


7 responses to “3oz. pours!!

  1. I think I get the title as well– from what you told me at the last WF cooking demo. Although maybe there’s more to it that I’m missing. 🙂

    I’ve been to the Cafe Caturra on Grove and loved it so I’m sure the one in Short Pump is awesome as well. I remember that they also let us sample the wines for free, but maybe that’s only on certain nights? And yes, I’m totally up for date night!!

  2. Awww, I love fancy little date nights like that. Glad yall enjoyed it!! Your salad looks wonderful!!

  3. wow that meal looks delicious!!! what a fun date night 🙂

  4. I think that is a great idea to offer different size pours! Sometimes, you just need a little bit more to make sure you “really” like something, right? 😉

    I am the same way with working out on the weekend. If I don’t do it first thing, it’s 100 x’s harder to get motivated!!

  5. We would have definitely gotten two drinks too 🙂 Everything looks great!

  6. that cardio workout is SERIOUS. By the time those mountain climbers roll around I am spenttttt. Cindy is so hardcore — lovez her!

    look atchu, double fisting it with the wine. You’re so classy 🙂

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