JoJo’s strikes again!

Well good afternoon friends!  I’m sure most of you spent your mornings sleeping in, working out, lounging around… ya know, fun “not having to work” activities (I ain’t hatin’) 😉

I will say that our morning started wonderfully as well even though we both had to work, I love when Monday gives me a lil’ surprise like that :).  I think part of it is attributable to starting the day bright & early for a morning workout! 

A few days back the wonderful folks over at Aurorae Yoga sent me another of their products to try out.  As you well know, I am a huge fan of their yoga mats (see post here) and I was super-pumped to be able to try something else!

So what is it you ask?  Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag!

Okay so what the heck is that?  Well, for those of you that experience sweaty hands/feet (to put it bluntly?) this may be the answer to your problems (“you” includes me for sure!)  The rosin actually aids in absorbing perspiration and increasing gripping power — much like when gymnasts powder up their hands to keep from slipping (lil’ sis was a long-time gymnast, veryyy familiar with this!).  Same concept – but a heck of a lot less messy 🙂

All you do is lightly toss it from hand to hand so some light rosin gets on your hands (and feet if you so choose) and continue to use as needed during practice.  So I wanted to put this sucker to the test and what better way than to practice my yoga in front of the lit fireplace!  Combined with the fabulous Yoga Works BodySlim, talk about a sweatfest 😛 

So did it work?  Yes!  I worked up some pretty good heat during the session however with about 2-3 applications of the rosin there was no slippage, stickiness, etc. on my hands and feet!  Success…. thanks again Aurorae for sending this my way!

After a relaxing commute into work (hello no traffic!) and some productivity, I cracked into this bad boy

Let me preface with this, I have never been a huge fan of strawberry-banana flavored anything… so I knew that fact goin’ in.  Although I was a huge fan of the usual thickness & creaminess of this one, I have to say that the actual flavor was not my fave 😦  For some reason anything straw-ban reminds me of this flouride I used to have at the dentist growing up – perhaps I am scarred for life? :/ 

Anywho, I think that if you like straw-ban usually, then you will probably be a fan of this flavor!!  Sorry friends, you know I would give up my first born for most flavors of Chobani  love me some Chobani however I gotta speak the truth, to each their own, right 🙂

For lunch The Man decided to trek downtown and meet me for some deelish pizza.  After our Jo Jo’s adventure @work last week, I knew that The Man just couldn’t live another day without trying this fabulous “pie” — quick side note, pet peeve of mine is when people call a pizza a “pie”, my Dad is from NJ and does it all the time and it makes me want to scream haha, just sayin’ ?

2 slices & a fountain drink for $5.49, yes please!

For moi, the spinach & feta and the hawaiian

For him, the sausage and the bbq chicken

Seriously. Can’t. Beat. It. 🙂

Alright well anywho, as I told ya’ll tonight is another episode of the Whole Foods Cooking Series!!!  I am getting super excited about this one friends, picking up my wonderful mother in the new ride and then headed over to meet up with Brittany and Christie & our fave chef to whip up some fabulous seafood!

See you later with some recaps of what we learned (and chowed down on 🙂 )  Enjoy your Monday friends, whatever you may be doing!


3 responses to “JoJo’s strikes again!

  1. Strawberry banana fluoride?! UCK, no wonder you didnt like the chobs- you are TOTALLY scarred. It is the same reason I cannot even STOMACH the smell of bubble gum 🙂 So, chobani better not make bubble gum greek yogurt…! Sick!

    Pizza looks yum! You are here with me in spirit while I lounge on the couch and watch reality shows all morning with the puppies ❤

  2. I had the bubble gum flouride, too…yuck!! Why can’t they just stick with the mint? Think about how many kids they are scarring for life. 😉

    omg – that pizza! I am so hungry right now and that looks amazing (note I said “pizza” not pie haha).

  3. That pizza looks so yummy! Haha, I’ve never heard it called a pie in these parts!!

    Have fun tonight!! 🙂

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