Thanks Verizon, I’ll blame you when I don’t have a 6-pack ;)

Ahhh finallyyyyy!  Friday night and the work week is ov-ah 🙂  Today was a doozie, not gonna lie, but getting in the car to head home couldn’t have felt any better after a long, productive day!

When I got home I was greeted by ol’ sickie (aka The Man 😉 )and his new sidekick Lucy Dog… these two apparently slept the day away amongst a video game extravaganza…at least according to the site of the living room hahaha… peas in a pod those two 😛

I was really in the mood to do a cardio workout and I knew my main man Kendall Hogan could deliver with his BootCamp Calorie Burn.  This is a great workout to get your heart pumpin’ but not over-do it, love it for moderate exercise days!

I also decided to get in a quickie ab sesh so checked out K-dog’s Rock Solid Abs and was really lovin’ the moves until Verizon decided to suck a big fat one and turn off On Demand randomly.  Thanks Verizon.  I’ll blame you when I don’t have a 6-pack, k?  haha rightttttttt 😉

Since The Man was still feelin’ pretty icky I was on my own for dinner.  So of course I decided that a trip to Trader Joe’s was in order haha (just what the doctor ordered?) 

I ended up grabbing a pre-made salad (amongst other things…) with apples, walnuts, gorgonzola, chicken topped with my own roasted red pepper vinaigrette and black pepper.

This was pretty good for a fast fix! 🙂

I also couldn’t resist a bit more of the leftover butternut squash pasta, this no-recipe made a ton and since The Man is sick it’s up to me to get through it!  I love a good challenge 😉

Couldn’t resist using the lil’ heart o’ lurve dish 😛

And since it’s a day that ends in “y” been a long week some of the good stuff was definitely on the agenda! 

I’m usually a Chardonnay kinda gal, but this wine is heavenly 🙂

Before I go also I wanted to thank my friend Caroline for her informative comment today in regards to my recent coconut oil purchase!

I totally had not realized that there was such controversy around the stuff due to a past misconception that all coconut oils were hydrogenated (yuckkkk! who knew? bad fanatic for being behind the curve on that…) 

Just as an FYI to you friends, the type that I purchased was “Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil” and according to Spectrum, is derived from pesticide-free, fresh coconuts and does not go through any bleaching, deoderizing, etc processes – yuck again!  This, in turn, makes it wayyyyyy better for the ol’ bod-ay, obvi 😛

No trans-fat ’round here!  Phew…

Oh yes, and one more exciting tidbit of info for you friends – one of my best girlfriends at work got engaged tonight!!! I am so excited for her 🙂 🙂 🙂  Her now-fiancé is just a great guy and she has been a wonderful friend over the past few years since we met!

Alright, off to continue my nurse duties… chicken soup and grilled cheese are the The Man’s dinner menu tonight!

Have a wonderful night friends 🙂


3 responses to “Thanks Verizon, I’ll blame you when I don’t have a 6-pack ;)

  1. AHHHHH love the shout-out!!! You are the best!! Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow.

  2. That is so frustrating when you have your hopes set on a workout and something gets in the way. Bad verizon, bad!! 😉

    Thanks for the coconut oil 411!

  3. Congrats to your friend!! Hope the man is feeling better soon!

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