Bada Bing!

Hey hey hey!  What a wonderful day, and I hope the same to all of you! 

I spent the afternoon getting my hair done at my fave salon, Hair Theatre… love that place.  Even more so because they use only Aveda products  – which are natural and plant-based, so for a lady that likes her hair to stay blonde because she can’t come to terms with the fact that it no longer is 😉  this is veryyyy important to keeping it healthy/not processed looking! Aveda is also one of few companies to achieve C2C endorsement for environmental intelligence, score 🙂


Simple cut + shiny coler = feelin’ all purty 🙂  The ol’ mop is really starting to grow out finally, just in time for an approaching summer (I missed my long hair)! 

On the way home I made a quick stop at World Market (obvi?) since I had a $10 BDay coupon to use — and of course I buy food, go figure hahaha.

The loot:

Can you believe I’ve never had Sriracha before?!?!  Changin’ that real fast, hope my tastebuds understand 😛  I had also worked up an intense hankering for Nutella after talking about it with my hair dresser – she spreads it on homemade crepes, hello yummmm.

For dinner tonight we decided what better than:  Breakfast for Dinner, kicked up a notch?!

Of course there had to be some mimosas up in that action, just sayin’ 😉

TJ’s orange juice knows where it’s at, with this sparkling wine these were easily a fave batch of mine!

Then we gathered up the ingredients, which were simple & basic but oh so delicious 🙂

Here was the plan:

  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Eggs w/ cheese and peppers
  • Sweet apple & maple chicken sausages

The Man was in charge of the pancakes, and I’ll tell ya what, he really came through and did a phenomenal job!

Here’s an oh-so-serious pose from our pancake-flippin’-all star haha (bada bing! silly shirt)


Flip flip!

I was in charge of the eggs and made ’em egg-stra cheesy tonight (okay, had to say it, wahhh wahhhhhh :P)

And the chicken sausages, which I sliced on the diagonal and sauteed up as well.

Nothing beats a cozy BFD if you ask me 🙂

Okay okay, may just 1 thing hahaha….

a GIANT pancake with an even more GIANT pat of Icelandic buttahhh!!!  Oh men 😉

‘Twas deelish.  Perfect late Saturday night dinner!

Well friends, on tomorrow’s agenda is a yoga session plus a first in the kitchen for this fanatic… after talking with The Man’s grandma last weekend I knew that this certain recipe just had to be made – I just hope I do it right 🙂

Have a great night you fabulous friends!


9 responses to “Bada Bing!

  1. Dammmmn girlll, you lookin fly 🙂 haha. No but really, love the hair!

    Love the din din and mimosas, perfect Saturday evening. Enjoy the rest of it my dear!

  2. Eeeeeee sriracha!!! The love of my life!!!!!!

    1. Love the hurrrr. Aveda products are the best- nothing smells better.

    2. Love the new header, instantly made me want that fresh amazing Mexican salsa. Mmmmm.

  3. Love the ‘do! I will only go to aveda salons. They smell so yummy!! 🙂

    And nutella is pretty much amazing!! 🙂

  4. I love breakfast food for dinner! I love the hair…looks great.

  5. Love the updated hair cut- it looks awesome. I go to an aveda salon as well. Do you use pure abundance hair potion? I’m obsessed with that stuff.

    And, I agree breakfast for dinner is pretty much the best ever.

  6. ohhhhh check the hurrrr.. looking fly!

    I want BFDDDDDD… hmm – I suppose an egg white scramble and turkey bacon will have to suffice.

  7. ooooh – your hair looks gorg! So shiny and, oh, I wish my hair were straight sometimes. 🙂

    • Hair straightener = my bff 🙂 My hair is naturally wavy (or as some would say, frizzy haha) so I love when they get it so nice and sleek at the salon. I, on the other hand, have a hard time achieving such results at home hmph!

  8. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, not sure if I did it properly though? Good article by the way.

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