A family tradition :)

Hello friends!  Well I guess it’s time to reveal the Sunday cooking extravaganza?! 😉  Alright, here goes!

So today I set out on a culinary adventure… one that holds tradition in The Man’s family and one that I hoped I could uphold…

As ya’ll probably know, The Man’s family is Italian (I’m talkin’ like ‘237 fam members Italian’!) and after talking with his Grandmother about everything food the other night I knew that I just had to give her famous “sauce” a try!

For me, recreating something that is a family tradition is the ultimate experience & also sign of respect for another great cook… I think ya’ll all know how near & dear both my Mother’s and my Nanny’s recipes are to my heart 🙂  (hello, getting choked up over here what the heck?!)

The Man’s Grandma is actually not of direct Italian heritage, but her husband most certainly was and this was a regular favorite in their house that she learned to perfect.  I was very excited to give it a try, but also a bit nervous, not gonna lie 🙂

I’m not going to reveal everything for respect of family tradition, and in fact I wasn’t even given exact measurements and just made it to taste based on what she told me, I hope you friends understand….

However I definitely have to share with you some fabulous pictures of the whole adventure! 🙂

Oh and of course I couldn’t have been happier that I got this fabulous mondo-pot for XMas bc this recipe made a-lot!  Hello freezer, you are goin’ to be my new bff 🙂

The sauce really needs to simmer for a few hours to gain it’s ultimate flavor, so it was a perfect Sunday adventure!


Ahhh I think I had forgotten how aromatically amazing fresh basil can be since the passing of summer….


This is no vegetarian sauce friends (sorry sis!), there was a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ in there to really give it some fabulous flavor!

While I was cookin’ I decided to give this guy a lil’ taste too (<3 World Market beer selection!), twas fabulous – my beer tastes have gone so “girly” lately haha 😉

Once the sauce was done, it was served over pasta with freshly grated Parm and some toasted, buttered bread 🙂

For him:

For her:

So how was it?  Nothing short of amazing… Grandma really knows what’s up, that’s all I gotta say!  The Man said that I did a great job too and the only thing for next time would be to take the lid off a bit sooner so that it could thicken up a bit more, but flavor wise it reminded him just of his Grandma’s sauce!  But we all know that Grandma’s will always be the blue ribbon winner, as it well should 🙂

Needless to say I was sooooo happy with the results and can’t wait to use the leftovers in the near future! 

Well, off to watch the Vikings game with The Man for what is left of this Sunday night & also lettin’ the rest of the sauce simmer to thicken up for leftovers x200 😉

Guess it’s time for another Monday tomorrow, I’m ready to start the week of right!  It’s actually Fanatic Father’s BDay tomorrow so I know it’ll be a good day 🙂  We are headed over to the parentals for a delicious birthday dinner after work whoop whoop — Mom is cookin’ up some serious yum per my request (let’s just say that this lady has the “homemade roasted chicken market” cornered!)…. I’m so demanding right?!  😉  

Have a lovely rest of your night friends and see you tomorrow!


6 responses to “A family tradition :)

  1. Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale is the best! It’s from my homestate of Maine!!! Yummy classic looking Italian dinner too!

  2. MMMmmmmmmm, I love homemade spaghetti sauce. My grandma has a secret recipe too and I really need to write it down sometime.

  3. Pasta looks great!

  4. I lurrrve blueberry beer! YUM!

    I too have one of those baller pots and really the only thing I have ever used it for is boiling a double batch of past…hangs my head in shame…

  5. Dang – look at that pot! And look at you, making homemade sauce! I don’t think I’ve ever had true homemade sauce before (born and raised on Prego). 😦 But yours looks AMAZING. You made his grandma proud, I am sure!

    Happy B-day to CookinFanatic’s Dad! 🙂

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