Humpday, Happy Day, the week is halfway overrrrrrrrrr!  Just a lil’ song I’ve been humming all morning….. 😉

Well friends, last night was just lovely and made waking up this morning even better – I sure rolled outta bed on the right side today!

After a morning with my beloved (really. must. stop. bringing. this. to. work.) I chowed down on a random assortment of lunch eats…

There was leftover roasted chicken from Monday’s Birthday dinner w/the fam, which somehow was still ridiculously uber-moist even after a quick trip in the microwave (amazing!)

This pic is just wayyyy better than the looks of chicken in tupperware 😛

Leftover stir fry noodles from last night’s birthday dinner w/The Man

Plus some random veggies with roasted red pepper vinaigrette for dipping!

Oh yea, & chocolates, bc obviously 896 spoonfuls of Nutella just wasn’t enough… 😛


Talk about a mismash of flavas!  But hey, we are really working on being frugal and not wasting food as part of the new year 🙂  I’ve actually challenged myself to a pretty slim grocery budget for us & have really been staying on track thus far!

I am thinking about making it into a more formal blog challenge for myself in the near future too? 😉  Hey, you can still eat like a queen without spending wads of dough, I promise!

Well tonight I have no exercise plans & The Man has to work a lil’ later so I have some free time after work – which obviously means I’ll be stopping by (1) Tom Leonards (2) World Market or (3) Whole Foods to see what kind of specials they have going and to stock up on a few things in case we end up with a bunch of snow this weekend, as predicted. 

Might sound silly to you friends, but I like to pick 1 day during the work week that I have a “night off” of exercise and treat myself to something fun which usually means an impromptu trip to one of the above stores just to browse and see what they have on special…. “you know you’re a foodie when?”

I also have a fun Polish inspired dinner planned for this ‘eve, so see ya back for more and enjoy the day 🙂


10 responses to “Mismash

  1. Um yeah we have a grocery shopping budget problem. AKA “WE” have a problem, not me! I am pretty good at sticking to my lists, but anytime I go with the boyfriend…ugh, the things that end up in our cart! Also does not help that he is 6’6 with the appetite of Michael Phelps during prime training season. SHEESH.

    Browswing foodie stores is my favorite- not even to BUY stuff, but just check out whats new/window shop…! Haha!

    • Haha I totally agree, the man will just throw things in the cart with absolutely no awareness of how much they cost! I think since they dont grocery shop all the time they dont understand how fast it all adds up?! He’s 6’2″ and his appetite is huge, so I can only imagine if he was 6’6″ gahhhh! Browsing the stores is seriously an addiction for us food crazed folks, good to know I’m not alone 😉

  2. mmm…nutella 🙂 can’t go wrong there!

  3. Here we go again. Both with our jars of Nutella and trying to cut back on the grocery bills and not be so wasteful. Twins I tell ya!

    • I know seriously girllllll, when I saw that ya’ll were doing that too I thought the same thing!! And with the Nutella, bc obvi I couldn’t survive a work day w/out THAT jar by my side haha 😉

  4. I think I need to try some Nutella! You and Jenna have me tempted.

  5. I take those nights off from working out too and yesterday was my night off. Well, wouldn’t you know, I found myself pulling up to Trader Joe’s instead! 🙂 I’m definitely a foodie! 😉

  6. Your mishmash of foods sure do look good.

  7. ah girl please share any budget saving trips – I went to the grocery store in pursuit of carrots today.. came out with 3 bagfuls of grocery 40 dollars poorer. I’m awful.

  8. 1. Do you just eat the Nutella out of the jar? Heaven. I’ve actually been craving it all this week!!

    2. I picked up a thing of blueberry Chobani at the store this week to try… TOTALLY wish that stuff was cheaper! It is SO good!! Thick and creamy and YUM. Thanks for inspiring me!

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