Breezin’ by

“Yea yea yea!” (said in my best Sammie sweetheart voice :P)  It’s Thursday friends!!

Today has been pretty busy, but that has made the morning just breeze by…

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I’ll take it!

Lunch was yet another assortment of random 🙂

Leftover sauerkraut & onions from last night’s dinner

Butternut squash pasta that was frozen from a previous adventure + near the last of fanatic mom’s roasted chicken stirred in!

Ummm this was freaking amazing, the pasta froze beautifully and the chicken was still as moist as day 1(how does she do it?!).  I felt like I was having a gourmet meal in the midst of a workday 🙂

On the agenda tonight is a potential workout and then it’s fancy dinner date night in our house!  I’m cookin’ up those Delmonico’s with a bleu cheese topping and I can’t wait 🙂  Nothing like a night-in with a restaurant quality meal (hopefully haha) to end the week on a high note!

They are also calling for more snow this weekend so I’m in full out Richmond-snow-panic-mode haha (hey, at least I’m truthful) and need to run by the store to stock up on a significant stash of alcohol  some essential items 😛

And sadly enough, there will be no Sammie sweetheart (or Situation, or Snooki for that matter tonight)… so we must remember what it was like in the days “before Jersey Shore” 😉  These ladies it is!

Clearly we have our tv priorities straight 😉

See you friends back for more and enjoy your Thursdays!


7 responses to “Breezin’ by

  1. ouuu i must DVR-I still need to watch the last few episodes of Housewives. Butternut Squash pasta looks awesome!

  2. Oh, how I love those ladies.. haha.

    I can’t wait to see your meal tonight! I hope I don’t turn lazy tonight since it will just be my mouth to feed. I am thinking breakfast for dinner!

  3. Yaaa for Thursday nights!

  4. ugh thursday nights just aren’t as brighter anymore without Jersey Shore.. wahhhh.

  5. Love the sauerkraut action 🙂 glad it made you think of us! LOL!! Hard to believe it might snow again for us both. Though they are saying ice and sleet too, yuck! HAHA We got ourselves some wine 😉

  6. All the dishes look great but they are missing a main ingredient–a bottle of Corona!

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