Friday Snow Storm it is!!!  Hey hey friends, hope all is well with ya’ll as we venture into the weekend finallyyyyyy 🙂

Can we start off with an Oh. Em. Gee. please?!  My thighs feel like they are on fireeee (nope, definitely doesn’t sound quite right?) bc I definitely felt the burn during today’s Exercise TV workout!  I tried out Kickboxing Bootcamp w/ Jeanette Jenkins & holy effin’ geeze that lady is serious.

Seriously intense that is.  A mixture of strength & cardio (my fave) that left me praying that it would be over soon towards the end haha… now that’s the sign of a tough workout!  I think JJ burned some 700 cals during it according to her counter, and although I’m not quite as buff as JJ, I think my calorie burn was definitely up there?! 

I also really liked her energy & combo of moves, not to mention the fact that it will probably be the death of me to try to walk up/down stairs tomorrow 😉  Good thing they’ll be icy, so I ain’t worried….

Dinner tonight was something I picked up at World Market last weekend (since I own their entire inventory of food anyways) and knew would be fast & easy to throw together!

All you do is add ground meat of choice (what’s up with all the meat this week? <insert joke here>) plue the rice & spice mix plus some H2O and voila!  Dinner served….

But not before I snuck these guys in there too, veggie power!

Sauteed up in some EVOO for a few

Then browned up some lean ground pork (from Tom Leonards obvi)

Added the rice mix plus H20 and in a matter of 10 minutes + 25 minutes cook time dinner was ready — oh, plus a few shakes of Frank’s (hot sauce that is) 🙂

I also had a few pieces of celery, which is really weird for me since normally I despise raw celery… but for some reason tonight I was a-okay with it?  I blame hormones 😉

This was a pretty darn good dinner – esp for an ‘out of the box’ kinda thang.  I think someone may be back to World Market (who me?) to stock up on some more of this for those need-an-easy-meal type nights!

Well we are gearing up for the big snowstorm, should be here soon!  Bread – check.  Milk – check.  Alcohol – check.  Okay, I think we’re all set 😛

Still not sure whether we may head out for a lil’ while since it’s one of The Man’s friend’s birthdays tonight….  guess we’ll just have to see.  Either way, we best be back home safe and sound before the snow, that’s a must for this lady!

I hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying your Friday night! 🙂


8 responses to “Out-of-the-box

  1. I have Exercise Tv and I need to find this on there. I like a workout that makes you burn that many cals. lol

  2. We will have to try the kickboxing bootcamp, sounds great! I love the name of the rice…dirty rice, haha.

    Oh yes alcohol was consumed here last night; ) haha love the snow!

  3. sounds like your equipped with all the essentials — enjoy a cozy night in my love!

  4. Yay for the snow–we got hit here too! They kept reporting on the news last night how it was here and when I went to take my dog out last night, I was bummed because no snow 😦 But when I woke up today—snow—yay! And I conveniently live within walking distance to TJ’s so it will be empty today. Score!

  5. Sounds like a kick butt workout- gotta love it when you can REALLY feel it the next day. Great dinner- we don’t have a world market- I wish we did. I would totally make this with beans and veggies! Stay warm

  6. I saw that workout on ET and almost did it yesterday instead of what I had planned… hmmm, may have to do that one soon!

  7. ExerciseTV workouts are the best! Jeanette Jenkins is crazy tho… I can barley get through her workouts, but when I do i feel like I’ve actually accomplished something! However, cardio is not my forte…I’m a big fan of yoga and Pilates. My favorite is Yogameltdown on exercisetv.tv

    If you like Jeanette Jenkins tho, you should try Target Tone. It’s available in the ExercisetV store. http://www.exercisetv.tv/store/p-2615-target-tone-total-body-workout.aspx

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