Gotta make it to the grocery store, go fig

Well guess what friends, we made it outta the house today whoop whoop!  Not in ‘Lady BMW’… oh no no no, rear wheel drive + unplowed street = ehhh not happenin’ 😉  Of course I go and buy rear wheel drive the 1 year that we get more snow than we have like my entire freaking life in this crazy city?!?!

Anywho, The Man used his man strength and shoveled us outta the foot of snow and luckily the SUV did fine getting out of the neighborhood.  All the main roads are in decent shape – excluding the car stuck on the side of a main road blocking an entire lane of traffic suddenly around a curve… smart people, real smart, heard of a tow truck?

We headed over to Kroger to get some groceries for the upcoming week and I was pretty much excited about the fact that we purchased $64 of groceries and only paid a fine $37!!! $bling bling$ 

That was my best sale browsing/meal planning/coupon using adventure yet… it’s an addiction this “being frugal but still eating great” challenge I tell ya 😛

Oh yes, we also stopped at Tom Leonards for our meats too, as I said before, I am really looking to more wholesome & local sources when it comes to meat consumption (TWSS?? Jenny this one’s for you haha :P)

Dinner tonight was a homemade leftovers kinda thang… remember our lil’ pasta adventure last night?  Well we ended up making some extra to use for tonight’s meal!

And remember when I cooked up 857 quarts 😉 of The Man’s Grandma’s most fabulously delicious pasta sauce last weekend?!

Well thanks to the freezer we have leftover homemade sauce at our disposal, and what better than a quick pasta dinner on a Sunday night?!

Homemade pasta is LEGIT.  Don’t know that boxed pasta will ever taste the same :/

To go with the pasta I made up a quick & basic salad but with a lil’ somethin’ extra:  homemade croutons!  Ever done it?  If not, you should, so easy and the flavor & texture is nothing like those boxed things (which I secretly despise, sorry friends)…. crunchy outside with a soft inside is what these croutons were all about, yum! 🙂

See how easy, seriously?

  • previously frozen Italian bread, cubed
  • garlic
  • 1 tsp EVOO
  • dried basil
  • dried oregano
  • black pepper

Just rub the garlic over a few bread slices before you cube, then toss with the EVOO and sprinkle with herbs and pepper.  Bake at 400F for about 7 minutes and lookie here, deelish!

Topped some romaine & sliced onions with these beauties + more black pepper & the simple salad was served!

Fast and easy for a Sunday night… and oh so delicious… 🙂

We are actually taking part in some Grammy viewing here tonight, I don’t normally care for award shows but this is the exception!  Actually, we just caught Fergie performing our new fave song and Lucy Dog was goin’ cuuu-raaaa-zyyyy with Mr. Squirrel to it, I think she has a thang for Fergie perhaps? 😉

Really. Seriously. I freaking love this dog ❤ 😛

Well, work in the morning is lookin’ a lil’ iffy to be quite honest… may be working from home for a few hours before trying to get myself downtown :/

Either way, gonna enjoy my Sunday night and I hope all you friends do too!!

Oh yea, and you know you want to enter the CHOBANI GIVEAWAY don’t ya?!  So what are you waiting for 😉


14 responses to “Gotta make it to the grocery store, go fig

  1. Homemade pasta is tough to make, I’m impressed! Your doggie is so cute- reminds me of my old one!

  2. Whatta dog…by far my favorite!

  3. Oh yum.. that sounds like the most perfect meal ever!
    I wish I had a pasta machine and the skills to make it. And I wouldn’t mind an Italian man either 😉

    • Thanks! It was not as difficult as I anticipated surprisingly, but maybe The Man thinks otherwise?! 😉 Glad you stopped by, gotta check out your blog too!

  4. I am SO impressed with the pasta! For some reason making homemade noodles and pasta is SO intimidating to me! But nothing beats my gma’s homemade noodles, SO I’d better learn to make ’em at some point.

    I LOVE “Imma Be.” It’s my new fave song!!

  5. WOW! You are quite impressive!! Homemade pasta and homemade croutons?! The Man is quite lucky!! 🙂

  6. That is so smart to make homemade croutons! We always have bread that is ready to hit the trash…now I know what to do!

  7. Does Tom Leonard’s sell local meat? I didn’t think they did. The best source for local meat, that I know of, is Ellwood Thompson and Whole Foods has a pretty good selection as well. The Goochland Farmers Market is also a great source in the summer time.

    • Hey girl! Not positive if it’s local, I actually just wrote to them to ask, but I’m pretty sure that they have 1 solid source they get their products from vs. Kroger/FLion where it’s coming from who knows where?! I agree with the farmers market as a wonderful source, I get some meats there on Lauderdale during the summer and they are far superior. I actually was looking up some of the local farms in Goochland/Powhatan and think I’m going to make a visit to one very soon to check out their stuff, I’m on this bandwagon for ethical eating and although am far from perfect yet, I hope to strive towards getting better 🙂 Are ya’ll free from the snow yet?!??!

  8. home made pasta?!?! yumm! im coming over for dinner asap!

  9. Hey girly! Nice job on the grocery savings! I am TERRIBLE at saving money at the food store. Sigh. I gotta work on that! Dinner looks fantastic. I never watch the grammys either but I thought the performances were phenom last night! Hope you have a good week and stay warm!

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