Trick smoothie ;)

Well well friends, the snow has finally stopped so now we are dealing with the “aftermath” of the storm…. for some reason the county/state/whomever did not feel that our street needed any plowing thus far, so it’s pretty nasty out there with the 12″ plus that ended up falling! 😛

The Man is busy digging out the SUV so we can head for a quick grocery store trip, but I think it’s safe to say that Lady BMW, with her rear wheel drive, will not be going anywhere for quite some time haha.

But let’s rewind to earlier today, shall we?

After breakfast and some meal planning, I decided that it was a perfect day for one of my fave quick yoga routinesYoga Sculpt with Maura Barclay – really got my blood flowing since I was a wee bit tired today thanks to my 8am wake up call (eh hmmm we won’t go there ok?!)  I also did a quick ab routine with “love-him-or-hate-him” Kendall Hogan 😉

Then I was more than ready for a yummy lunch

We had plenty of leftover homemade chicken noodle soup so that was obviously on the menu 😉

And to go with I made a most intriguing sammich using White Sharp Cheddar + Pumpkin Buttah! 🙂

What does pumpkin buttah not make better, sheesh?!?! 😛

After some serious laundry & other household fun, I woke up sleeping beauty to get the cars cleaned off so we could head out to the store right nearby… def won’t be doing this week’s shopping at my normal “food spots” but I think I still put together a pretty good plan considering (such a food snob, this girl 😉 )

While Mr. Sleep-Forever-And-Then-Some cleaned off the cars, I whipped up a smoothie using this guy:

which I won in a giveaway a while back and had been meaning to try out 🙂   If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a big “smoothie” person – I like to chew?! – but I must say that this product may have swayed me a bit!!

Blended up half the packed with:

  • 1/2 banana
  • few frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk
  • ice

And voila!


Packed full of great things for my body AND delicious… I loved it!

And get this, I brought some out to Mr. Snow-shoveler-extraordinaire to see if I could get him to try some (hey, 50/50 chance I figured :P) and he immediately took me up on the offer (what??) and then proclaimed this to be “just like the smoothies from the store” (haha whatever that means)… I’m taking it as a good thing though?

Little did Mr. Man know that he just had a trick smoothie with (1) almond milk and (2) natural plant-based super food!!  I was (1) shocked and (2) thrilled at his reaction, so shhhh, don’t tell 🙂

Alright friends, well time to see how car dig-out 2010 is going and get on over to the store….

Don’t forget to enter the Chobani Giveaway too ya’ll – you have til this Friday!!!

Have a lovely Sunday friends 🙂


7 responses to “Trick smoothie ;)

  1. Good luck digging out the cars! We did our driveway but they haven’t touched our street yet. 😦

  2. Your white cheddar/pumpkin buttah sandwich sounds so good!! I never would’ve put those 2 together, but it must be amazing!! Will have to try soon!! 🙂

  3. I just discovered your blog and I love your eats. Pumpkin butter does make everything better 🙂 Can’t wait to keep reading!

  4. I could have used some of that delicious soup today, just one of those days where all you want is some good for the soul food!

    I hope you are able to dig out the SUV okay. You guys are getting nailed this year. You are getting the snow, we are getting the frigid air!

  5. I keep meaning to ask you about all of your exercise tv-age. Did you buy a subsciption there??! I am in lurve but hate that I’m limited by the free classes. Is it worth buying?! holla atcha girl my little workout guru.

    ickkk hope the snow didn’t slam you too hard! It’s times like these when I wish I could just rely on public transportation.


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