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His & hers Sunday style dinnah!

Hello friends! 🙂  How ya’ll doin’ on this Sunday night?

We had a fantastic afternoon visiting one of my best girl friends from college… She’s having twins, and is under 5 feet tall…. and yes that’s definitely an equation for cutest baby bump evah! 😉

After the visit, some errands & a movie… it was dinnah time, his & hers style!

Hers dinner included a new purchase from today’s shopping adventures!


And an apparent addiction to salad plates today as well 😛

  • spinach
  • falafel
  • cucumber/yogurt sauce
  • hummus
  • avocado
  • smashed taters!

I boiled up some potatoes and then smashed with a Laughing Cow wedge – ummm yea that was the best decision of my life 😛

Also made the cucumber yogurt sauce with some chopped cuc & plain Greek yogurt…. wish I had some dill to throw in the mix, but alas, I did not.

Still wonderful!  I loved the falafel too, it was a first for me.

It feels so nice to be eating salads again, how I missed thee!

His dinner was a steak & eggs adventure



Assembly line…. 😀


And voila!

This was actually a “The Man” original creation, and he even got in the kitchen & helped (since I had no clue how this sammie was supposed to go down haha)…

I heard “mmmm mmmm, mmmm” for a solid 5 minutes while he scarfed it down so I take it it turned out nicely 😉

And you may have noticed we’ve been doing some different dinners lately, partially because of my inability to eat solid foods recently but also because I am making a conscious effort to cut down my meat consumption. 

I waivered with giving it up all together, since after surgery & recovery I really don’t have much of a craving for it after not having it for so long?  However decided that for me, I’m just not ready yet.  So for now, I’m going to be trying to incorporate vegetarian meals a few times a week!  I’m happy with that 🙂

Alright, well if all goes well and my throat is doing okay tomorrow I plan on heading into work!

See ya from the ol’ cubicle 😉

Enjoy your evenings friends!


Here she goes again…

Good morning everyone! 

Well, I guess it’s not technically morning anymore now is it? 😉

Today has started off pretty darn good.  My throat was a bit more sore than yesterday though, not sure what’s up with that?

Anywho, I decided to go to my favorite place on earth (here she goes again…) and see what kinda fun stuff I could find!  I also had a coupon, even betterrrrrrr 😀

Picked up some fun new things to try, always exciting!

For lunch I decided to put together a lil’ salad sampler plate

  • spinach
  • roasted red pepper hummus
  • broccoli slaw
  • avocado
  • cucumber
  • laughing cow wedge

So good!

I made the broccoli slaw with these guys…

Notice the new placemat purchase from World Market!

Also added a splash of cider vinegar too.  This was my first time with the Dannon Greek, the plain was pretty thick n’ creamy and since I had a coupon for it I think it was a good purchase for the price.

No Chobani however 😉

This afternoon’s plans include going with The Man to visit my fave prego lady (can’t wait to see how big that baby bump has gotten!) then just lounging around resting up in hopes of returning to work tomorrow 🙂

Tonight is going to be round 2 of The Time Traveler’s Wife (this time with The Man) and we have some dinner plans, his & hers style, that I’m pretty excited about too!

Have a fab Sunday!

Total girls night

Happy Saturday night friends!!!

I just spent a most glorious evening with my fave Nurse ever 😉

Watchin’ a lil’ of this

Love. Love. Love.

So much so that now I am actually going to read the book haha 😛

And makin’ a lil’ of this!

Rustic Apple Tart

Oh yes, it was fantastically delicious 🙂

The other day Fanatic Mom spotted this dynamic duo makin’ this bad johnny on FoodTV.


And it couldn’t have been any easier…. seriously 🙂



And voila!

Total girls night, totally necessary.

In other news, I ate lasagna for dinner, take that tonsillectomy 😛  I think we know a certain someone who may have just recovered in 1 week from surgery, the nurse could hardly believe it.  The power of foods & following directions, AMAZING. 

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

Smoothie Queen…

Holy MIA 😛

Sorry about that friends, let’s just say that sometimes shi* happens….?

Okay enough of my foul mouth for the day 😉

How about last night’s dinner, I owe you that at least!

Smoothie for le Smoothie Queen….

Sausage & Peppers for The Man….




That woulda been one atrocious smoothie haha 😉  Ahhhh I digress…

Well, errand time then some movie & baking action with Fanatic Mom tonight!

Have a wonderful Saturday friends 🙂

Pretty standard

Happy Friday!

Hope you are all doing fantabulous today 🙂

Eats around here today have been pretty standard.

And yea, I’m creepin’ some dairy back into my life slowly but surely in 1 of my favorite forms possible!

Oh good friend, it has been too long 🙂

Topped with a few crumbles of TJs moral fiber muffins (staying at Nurse Mom’s has so many perks, food choices are off the hizzle!) 😛

Lunch eats look a lil’ familiar… what can I say, options are limited and this is just too darn yummy!

Remember me?

Thought so 😉

Check out what else I gave a try today (yes, making improvements on the eating front, first bread slice in a week!)

This stuff rocked my socks off – there, I said it.

And I’m out, have a fabulous Friday friends & I’ll see you tonight! 🙂


Well hello there everyone!  🙂

Ready for Friday are we?  If you asked me that question last week at this time I was definitely not on the “yes” train… however this week I am happy that a week of recovery has gone by and I’m that much closer to getting better!

So how abouts we switch things up and work backwards tonight, shall we?

Dinner was the most fabulous mixture of flavors.  I must be on an egg kick today or something….?

+ 1 unpictured egg 🙂

Saute up the mushrooms in some EVOO until soft & cooked through.

Add a few handfuls of spinach until wilted.

If you haven’t recently had your tonsils removed, go ahead and add S&P (my seasoning loves, how I miss thee :P)

In the meantime, “fry” up an egg using cooking spray. 

At the very end mix a cheese wedge into the veggies until melted & serve on up.

Top with said egg (and more black pepper…. ahhhh a girl can dream 😉 )

Then let the yolk run free!

Oh yes, it was as good as it looks. 

Now if only this whole ‘eating process’ would get a lil’ easier! 😛

But where o’ where is the obligatory smoothie?!  Don’t fret my friends, the afternoon smoothie delivery is here!


Yum 😀

I also picked up some of this fabulous-ness while at TJ’s today (Mom & I need to go to grocery shopper addicts anonymous….)

Pretty much ecstatic about that purchase.

Fanatic Mom was also gettin’ busy in the kitchen whippin’ up some of her new fave salsa from a “lil’ blog” called Pioneer Woman.

She claims it to be her new favorite salsa ever….  coming from the woman who “hates” cilantro, I say this is a pretty bold statement.

I, of course, can’t support this claim until fully recovered (death by tortilla chip….) however from the smells of it she may be onto something 🙂

Guess it’s that time again, time for another hour of my life devoted to American Idol haha.  Don’t judge, we all have our vices 😉 

Have a most lovely night my friends & see you tomorrow!

Cookie monsters

Hi-ya friends!  How’s everyone’s Thursday?

Well I spent last night watching American Idol & lounging with these cookie monsters

Seriously?  Cookie Monster 1 must have a hole in his chin….  Cookie Monster 2 takes her job as a stand-in vaccuum pretty seriously hahaha 😉

On the recovery front, I’ve been doing pretty well, slept through the night medicine-free so that was definitely a good thing!

Upon awakening though whipped up a smoothie to moisten the ol’ throat and wet the appetite (I am hangryyyy!)

And to assure you friends, there were no thoughts of seafood in this morning’s smoothie haha 😛 although I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on Shrimp Smoothie” !!!

I may or may not have also eaten some Coconut Milk Ice Cream at 9:30am…. but I’lllllllll neverrrrrr tellllll 😉

For lunch I thought I’d get all exciting & crazy and whip up some savory oat bran using these friends:

I haven’t had Laughing Cow wedges in years… what have I been thinking?!?!

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 2/3 cup original almond milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 cheese wedge, stirred into oats
  • 1 egg, “fried” in cooking spray




Holy cow chicken this was really really good!  I normally don’t prefer “fried” eggs (I like ’em scrambled, what can I say?) but for some reason the runny yolk atop these cheesy savory oats was just what the doctor ordered today 🙂

So good.

Alright well not much else to report on the “exciting events of the day” front.  Nurse Mom and I are headed out to pick up some more of this

I seriously swear that this fabulous stuff has aided so much in my recovery…. maybe it’s mental, but each day I am feeling a lil’ less than stellar and I whip up a smoothie with this sucker, somehow things just get better.

Other than that I think there will be some more resting in order (shocker).  I also have some exciting news in that I actually heard my own voice today for the first time in 7 days!!

Oh yes, a small few peeps was uttered by ol’ talky talkerton (that would be me) to which fanatic dad responded “oh geeze, the silence is overrrrr” hahaha.  If ya’ll knew me aside from the blog, you would know that I’m a real chatty Kathy!  Yes friends, I was the kid in first grade punished & writing sentences for talking at every available opportunity where I shouldn’t have been 😛

So be it. 

Alright, see you tonight and enjoy your TGIAF! 🙂