Can’t keep my hand out the ice cream jar

Phew what-a-day! Got so much done from the confines of home (stirrrr crazyyyyyy) so I must say that I was really happy with that 🙂

It was also my “off day” for working out, but I decided to do some cardio since I can’t keep my hand out-the-ice-cream jar 😉 just for fun since I was already home!  I ended up doing a Kendall Hogan cardio burn session (not the normal bootcamp that I usually like)

It was definitely a light workout, which I appreciated today, but would not have done if it was any other day…. sorry KH, you know I love ya (with my headphones on haha) but this one didn’t “do it” for me?

On the menu tonight was a soup idea I saw on one of my fave easy dinner recipe websites.  Fanatic Mom hooked me up with this site, a few ladies in Richmond run it, and they have fabulous easy dinner ideas…. seriously check it out if you havev some time!

Chicken Tortilla Soup!

What is up with us and soup lately?  Must be all the snow 😛

I think I’ve been uber-excited about soup too ever since making the homemade chicken stock, which you know was making an appearance tonight!

I boiled up 3 good sized chicken breasts in the stock for about 13 minutes until done, then gave them a shred with the 2 fork method (what’s new…)


Maybe it’s just me, but at this point it is crucial to salt & pepper the hot, shredded chicken for some extra lurve 🙂

The flavor that cooking the chicken in the stock imparts on the meat is amazing, and it smells heavenly… seriously!

Then I gathered the rest of the ingredients for assembly, ended up making a few alterations as noted below

  • 16oz. frozen corn
  • 1 jar salsa
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 block cream cheese
  • chili powder to taste (more than was called for)
  • black pepper/salt
  • EVOO

Now I normally don’t preferred a jarred salsa however in a cooked dish like this I really don’t see the need to spend all this extra $$ for fresh since you will be blending flavors anways – but some of you may disagree and that’s just fine with moi 🙂

Sauteed up the diced onion in 1 tblsp EVOO

Then transferred said sauteed onion to ginormous soup pot (love this thing!) and added in the frozen corn, salsa and chili powder (we are fresh outta cumin, the horror!)


At this point I also dumped in the shredded chicken + chicken stock that I had used to cook the chicken, however I found that I didn’t quite have the amount that I needed bc it wasn’t lookin’ “soupy” enough…

Since the rest of the chicken stock was still frozen, I just added another 1 cup of water to thin it out a bit instead!

We had to run to the store real quick once The Man got home, so I left it on low while we did that… about 20 minutes later once we got back I added in the milk.

And the ingredient I was most excited for — the cream cheese (!!!!), cooking for a bit until it achieved the consistency I was looking for 🙂

What can cream cheese not be added too?  Yea, not much in my book haha.

Oh yea, and some Frank’s hot sauce for good measure 😉

Served up with a few tortilla strips & avocado slices – oh yeaaaaa!

Winner winner soup chicken dinner – holy heck this was deelish!  You’ve Got Supper always comes through with some pretty fabulously delicious, yet easy, meals and this was no exception 🙂

I was dipping and dunking and smilin’ my way through this whole bowl of lurve… ahhhh soooo good!

So, looks like all you friends are enjoying the Chobani giveaway thus far which makes me a very happy lady, obvi!  And if you haven’t had a chance to enter yet, please do so before Friday or else that Chobs has no chance of makin’ it to your doorstep 😉

Well it’s off to work tomorrow for this girl, hoping that the predicted “wintery mix” doesn’t strike as planned tomorrow afternoon too – or the weekend blizzard round 3 for that matter…. what the heck is going on in this city seriously.  I’m fresh outta ideas, I just don’t get it?!

Off to watch our Monday night line up and then to bed early, have a lovely night friends 🙂


12 responses to “Can’t keep my hand out the ice cream jar

  1. What a fabulous dinner for a less than stellar day, weather wise. And I wholeheartedly agree that cream cheese can be added to just about anything. 😉

    Have a fabulous evening my love!

  2. I’m always amazed by homemade soup, even though I know it’s not difficult! My BF would love this!

  3. I like Kendall’s workouts, sometimes hard and sometimes easy. He’s always so happy. lol

    • He totally is always happy, I think he was a cheerleader or something in his younger years, he reminds me of one! I usually like his workouts too, but this one was not that challenging I must say :/

  4. oooh yum, soup! I need to do a vegetarian version of this!

    • Hey there! So you must have read my mind because as I was making this soup I thought how wonderful it would also without the chicken – the corn makes it pretty hearty and maybe with some black beans it would be a perfect vegetarian meal! Let me know if you end up trying it, would love to hear 🙂

  5. Mmmmm….Chicken Tortilla is one of my faves! Although, I can never seem to keep tortilla chips long enough around my house. 😉 You are SO RIGHT about cream cheese! I had savory oats last night for dinner w/cc….YUM. You are a genius!

    • Thanks girl, you are so sweet! 🙂 Cream cheese is heavenly, that’s really just the darn honest truth!! My lil sis hates the stuff, I’ve had thoughts of disowning her for that fact but decided her other good qualities redeem her 😉 mwuhaha

  6. Cream cheese really does make everything better! Another yummy dinner, but I would expect nothing les…

  7. Soup looks so yummy especially on a gold, crappy day like today : ) Where is the sun??

    Anyways we wanted to thank you for such a sweet comment on our blog about being true to yourself. We love coming to your blog and see what you have created because we still love food…we love to cook and love seeing others create delicious food and most importantly you make us smile ; )

  8. wow-this soup looks incredible. I wish I had the patience and time to cook something like this. I was reading the comments above and agree that I would like mine sans chicken. This soup is probably one of my favorites.

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