Leftover city!

Alright Monday, so glad you are here!!!  Notttttttt 😛

I am actually working from home today thanks to the neighborhood streets still being a total mess, and considering the fact that my street is a big hill I figured that I’d be better off getting things done here vs. spending 2 hours of my day trying to trek downtown (which is also a mess) and deal with that….

It’s been quite the productive day too!!  Sometimes it’s just easier to get through loads of work when you are cutoff from the normal office setting, anyone else feel the same way?

Well since I was at home I was of course ready for lunch at 11am… okay who are we kidding, I am usually ready for lunch at 11am 😉

Leftover city!

Salad w/ homemade croutons from last night’s dinner

Last of the homemade chicken noodle soup (fed an army?!)

And some of this guy… Ice Cream addicted.  Guilty as charged. 😉

The rest of today will be spent getting through some more work and maybe doing a lil’ cardio workout too 🙂  I must admit that I am beginning to go a lil’ stir-crazy up in this house, I hate this not being mobile thing?!  Good thing there is MORE SNOW on the forecast for tomorrow, phew…. I mean I thought we’d seen the end of it GRRRR!!!  Remind me again when I moved to Alaska??

We also have an interesting dinner planned tonight, here’s the hint:  Mexican + soup…. so we’ll see how it goes!

Have a great start to the week friends, and don’t forget to enter my Chobani Giveaway before Friday! 🙂


9 responses to “Leftover city!

  1. savoringsarah

    It is a nice change of pace to work at home!! I also feel like I get a lot more accomplished- as long as it’s only once in a while. Too many work days at home and I start feelin the tempation to cuddle with the puppies & watch trashy tv.

    Dinner for us tonight is ASIAN + soup!!

  2. I am throwing the idea of soup around for tonight too! There must be a suop airwave goin’ around.

    I hope the weather turns around for you, pronto. I know how you feel about going stir crazy. It gets that way too here when it is so cold you can’t even go outside. 😦

  3. I agree working from home sometimes can a great thing!!! One is that you can stay in your PJs all day : ) Your homemade pasta looked yummy!

  4. I WISH I had the option of working from home sometimes. I could seriously do a majority of my job from anywhere…

    Edy’s slow churned will be the death of me…we made Rootbeer floats last night with the vanilla and diet root beer 🙂

  5. A change of atmosphere always makes me more productive too, but it’s hard to keep finding new coffeeshops to get my work done! Edy’s slow churned is like a time bomb for me. Before I know it, I’ve polished off half a container!

  6. leftovers rock my worlddddd. Why is it that they always taste better the next day? especially pizza!!

  7. That is my favorite kind of mint chocolate chip but I am not allowed to buy it unless it’s the single portion or all hell breaks loose! I wish I got to work from home. I rolled into work at 730A today amd my co-workers didnt makes it in until 9-10A, annoying 😦

  8. Okay so yeah slow churned eddys is pretty much my weakness when it comes to sweets. 😀 gotta love it, right?! have you tried the pumpkin flavor? it’s TDF!!


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