Can I get a B, can I get an F, can I get a D!!!!

No no friends, I am not cheering for bra sizes?? okayyyy I just couldn’t resist haha…. so mature, per usual 😛

BFD would be the fabulous breakfast for dinner that we just pulled together in no time flat!  After a fantastic 6 Round Slim Down sesh, it was just what the weeknight doctor ordered 🙂

I was pretty excited bc it was time to use one of my new birthday presents too!  I present, le Waffle Maker.

Which makes this guy just about as easy as it gets, not to mention deeeee-lish!

Lookin’ a lil’ bare there Mr. Waffle Man, what-da-ya-say we dress you up with some blueberries & syrup?!

It’s amazing what a few minutes in a saucepan w/ a bit of H2O over low heat can do for a frozen blueberry 😉

And no BFD in our house is complete without some veggified scrambly eggs

Frozen peppers are a lifesaver on nights like this 😉

Eggs + peppers + cheese + Frank’s hot sauce = obvi served on the plate of lurveeeee (love these Valentine’s Day plates!) with some melon for good measure!

You know what’s funny, I don’t know that I could ever eat “dinner for breakfast” but it’s just so darn easy to fall in love with “breakfast for dinner”…. hmmmm 😛

So would you believe that earlier I found Lucy Dog giving The Man a legit hug? Really, seriously?  I about died, it was the cutest thing everrrrrr!!

I think that’s my cue 😉

Have a fabulous night my friends, it’s been a long day on this side of town and I’m due for some relaxation and SLEEP!!!

See you tomorrow and don’t forget to enter the Chobani giveaway if you haven’t already 🙂


9 responses to “Can I get a B, can I get an F, can I get a D!!!!

  1. Hi Steph,

    I have bought some of the best syrup at TJ Maxx. I know that sounds nuts but really they are “blackberry patch” brand. They have a Praline Syrup. So good and no added sugar for some of them.

    And have you seen Better n Batter? It is in a can like Redi Whip, it is organic and it is pancake/waffle batter. Tastes pretty good and when you don’t have time to whip up batter or just want a small amount.

    For obvious reasons I am not entering the giveaway but I have been spreading the word about it.


  2. Dang girl, that is one way to end a hectic day on a positive note. I am craving a waffle now, haha.

    That photo of Lucy and your man is the cutest thing ever. That should totally be framed.

    Get some rest my love, see ya on the flip side!

  3. I love dinner for breakfast! It just feels cozy. Lucy is SO cute…that picture is adorable. I’m a sucker for black labs!

  4. Mmmmmmmmm, love BFD!! 🙂 That waffle looks out of this world yummy!! 🙂 What an adorable pic of Lucy hugging The Man!! Awwwwwwwwww!! 🙂

  5. BFD is awesome- I need to do that one night! I LOVE the pic of Lucy hugging your man- so cute!!! She is gorgeous!

  6. Oh our dad would love those waffles, those are one of his favorites breakfast. Glad your got to break in your bday present! 🙂 Lucy hugging the man is adorable!!!!!

  7. I love breakfast for dinner – almost more than anything else as breakfast is definitely my favorite meal. You did it up right with the waffle iron- what a great bday gift!!

    I’m pumped for our upcoming lunch plans!

  8. Oh my gosh….Lucy is just adorable! That is the cutest picture EVER. And mmm mmm waffles! I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a waffle. 😦 I need to steal my mom’s waffle maker because I’m sure SHE couldn’t tell you the last time she used it!

  9. I love my waffle maker and I hope you enjoy yours too!!

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