Quickest hello ever friends, we got a bit more snow/ice last night and I had to come into work a lil’ late today so needless to say I am:

So busy in fact that I almost forgot it was lunch time, almost…. 

Let’s not get too crazy here 😉

Lunch consisted of some repeat offenders!

Butternut Squash Lasagna


And a random avocado half that needed eatin’

Alright well tonight’s plans are for Breakfast for Dinner!  Get to use this guy which I’m super pumped about 😛

See you back then and have a wonderful humpday!!! 🙂

You say Chobani?  I say Giveaway!


6 responses to “Swamped

  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner!

  2. Sooooo, my email at work is down today, and I should be super swamped, but the fact that it may be tomorrow until they can fix it is putting a damper on that.

    So blog reading it is! lol.

    Enjoy breakfast for dinner, I tend to enjoy it for dinner more than breakfast at times.

  3. We will know things are bad if you ever forget lunch 😉 When Chris would tell me how he would “forget” to eat breakfast or lunch, I just couldn’t get it. Some days they are all I think about (well, in a healthy way haha)!

  4. You’re making me so jealous with the squash lasagna! Yay breakfast for dinner. Always a comfort after a stressful day!

  5. louisianagrown

    I lovee breakfast for dinner. Had it last night!

  6. I’ve never made home-made lasagna, but when I do THIS is the recipe I’m using. It looks fantastic and very healthy. I’ve been a repeat offender these days too.

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