Here we go again…

Hello friends!  Week’s almost over huh? 🙂 🙂 🙂

And ahhh relief, today we are finally seeing some bright sunshine & a whole lotta this!

Yep, bye bye snow 🙂

Wait, just kidding, I forgot that we are due for our usual weekend blizzard once again this weekend, starting tomorrow morning just in time for the workday commute & weekend festivities!!! 

Ugh, so over it.  Why can’t it just be this kinda blizzard this time around?!?!


Yea so if anyone is looking to purchase a nice 3 bedroom/2.5 bath house in the Richmond area you may see ours up for sale soon when I decide to relocate to the Caribbean.  For realz 😛

Well today has been just as slammed busy as yesterday, I don’t know what’s up with this workweek but it’s really been a doozie!  At least it’s Thursday already and I had no idea that the week was almost over in this snow/work induced haze haha

Lunch eats included a visit from the Chicken Tortilla Soup fairy (she lives in the freezer 😉 )

A shiny apple

And half of the wheat bagel that I demolished post-breakfast when I got to work this morning, ooops!

Plans tonight include the weekly trip to the grocery store with the rest of Richmond to make sure we don’t starve while cooped up in our homes. 

And you know what I decided?  That gosh-darn-it I deserve to mix things up this time around and make it fun this time around!  So guess what that means, Whole Foods trippppppp!  Hey, gotta drown my sorrows somehow other than in a bottle of wine.  😛  Plus I have some more coupons to use and since we still have some food at our house from Sunday’s grocery trip, this will be only for a essentials + fun things to keep me occupied 😉

The dinner plans for tonight are still in the works too, but I know what primary ingredients I am workin’ with so we’ll see what happens!

Oh yes, and I must say that one thing I AM looking forward to tomorrow (aside from it being Fridayyyyy) is finally picking a winner of the Chobani Giveaway!!!  Tomorrow night is where it’s at friends 🙂

Have a wonderful Thursday and see you soon!


6 responses to “Here we go again…

  1. Ah, lady, I am sorry you guys are getting nailed again. We are getting three inches tonight. But really, we should be getting the blizzards and you should be getting the three inches.

    I need to go to Whole Foods this weekend too. It has been wayyyyyyyyy too long!

  2. I much prefer the blizzard in a cup. 😉 We’re supposed to get a “storm” here (a.k.a. 2-4 inches! *sarcasm*)…I’m kind of excited?! I hope you guys don’t get hit as hard as last time. What is up with this winter already?

  3. Ahh bagels…I want one now! I’d take the DQ Blizzard over the real thing any day. Have fun at WF!

  4. if it never snows again it’ll be too soon! so over this winter thaaang.

  5. hello beautiful sister ! you ignored my text earlier and i am heartbroken bc you need to get skype! it is my new love hahah! i miss you 😦 i have lots of fun stories to share with you next time i talk to you!!!

    sorry ive been mia on teh food commments. i still read daily obvi. during class of course too 😉 but im too jealous of everything you eat, seeing as i eat the same thing everyday! gahhh!!! could be worse i suppose

    ❤ you and call me tomorrow please! i think i will be snowed in + no classes 🙂 lets hope for the best!

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