A snowy video!

Happy Friday from winter wonderland friends!  Well the snow started falling around 8:30am this morning and hasn’t let up since… I am looking outside at a most beautiful view of white snowflakes all around 🙂 

I think we’ve gotten about 2″ so far… and more is coming our way!

Needless to say I’m working from home today, however The Man is not, so being the crazy-fanatic-worrier that I am I won’t feel at ease until he makes it home tonight 😦 

In lieu of the normal post, I have been having too much fun with the video recorder functionality on the camera and just had to get Miss Thang on video at the beginning stages of this wintery blizzard!

So here goes, and please excuse the “baby voice” that for whatever reason automatically kicks in when I talk to the dog… yep, I am THAT girl ugh hahaha.



There may be some baking adventures in my near future, but I have to get through some work first!  Maybe a workout too?  See you back for more soon – you know where I’ll be 🙂

Oh yes, and they are calling for alot of power outages due to the wet, heavy snow so if for some reason you don’t see me tonight… you’ll know why :/

Chobani Giveaway ends tonight – can’t wait to pick a winner (as long as the power holds on, if not then you know I’ll do so ASAP)!


8 responses to “A snowy video!

  1. Ohmigosh so cute! I just watched this at work and laughed so hard. I want a doggy.

  2. Your doggie is adorable! I love her face peeking out from the hood- so cute. Enjoy the snow and stay warm!

  3. Adorable video!! Lucy is so adorable in her hoodie!! 🙂 What a good girl she is to come in and sit on her towel like that! I’m totally talking in a baby voice in my head right now as I type this, haha! I am totally that girl also!! 🙂

  4. lucy is too cute! i can’t get over all the snow you have!!

  5. Be careful girl with all the snow! So far we have just gotten rain, and snowed a little this morning, but we will see 😉 Love the video, so cute!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh…Lucy is ADORABLE! And so obedient!! haha don’t worry – I have the baby voice with dogs, kitties AND babies. 🙂

  7. Thank you!! I’m so excited about my Chobani!!!

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