Taste bud confusion

Well friends, let me first start off with a happy Monday (!!) & a huge “my B” for completely going MIA yesterday 😦  

You know that I hate to leave ya’ll  hanging but I had some things to tend to around here, and by ‘things’ I mean me having throat issues yet again.

Yep, that would make it 3 times in the past 3-4 months that I have had a case of tonsilitis.  Now growing up I was plagued with strep throat all-the-time, but for whatever reason my doctors wouldn’t take my tonsils out.  Guess I didn’t have it quite “enough” (wtf). 

And it’s been quite some time since I’ve had this many cases in such a short time, so now it’s time to go to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat Doc) and talk about getting these suckers out.  You see too, 1 side of my tonsil is quite larger than the others (sorry, tmi) so it tends to “trap” germs, making me much more susceptible to getting this type of sickness.

Valentine’s Day gift? No?

So needless to say when I woke up yesterday morning I headed straight to the doctor – I hate all these antibiotics I have been on and really am ready for this to be all over.

And believe me when I say that I know things could be much worse, so if this is all I’ve been dealt to handle then I am a-okay with that and still feel blessed that I have my health in all other respects!

Which leads me into an interesting thought from The Man today, about how I write a “healthy eating/living blog” but have really been pretty under-the-weather the past few months which is kinda interesting.  Valid point boyfriend, valid point 😛

However I definitely do not attribute this to my diet, but instead to my predisposition to this type of illness and the fact that I am going through some sort of phase like when I was younger.  Before December, the last time I could remember being sick was back in February of 2009? 

And in every other respect – cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc – my stats stack up pretty darn perfectly (that’s what the doc says!) which I know is a result of the way I choose to live 🙂

So needless to say, my eats yesterday were a bit ummm shall we say, random? 😉

Go to fullsize image   


On yesterday’s mixed up menu we have:

  • bagel w/ cream cheese
  • chocolate ice cream
  • Three Sisters cinnamon sweets
  • my new fave salad:  spring mix, avocado, hard boiled egg white, boiled potatoes (!!)
  • ricotta w/ syrup
  • oats w/ bananas & the such

Yes friends, I told you that it was a lil’ uhhhh like a preggers lady?  “different” 😛  I tend to have an aversion to salty foods when I’m sick, I really like cold and sweet stuff for some reason?

Does anyone else experience “taste bud confusion” when feeling under the weather?

So that’s that you fabulous friends, off to make my appointment with the ENT and get some more rest since I am still feeling far from well today.   Makes a “normal Monday” feel like a blessing 😉

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tonight 🙂


10 responses to “Taste bud confusion

  1. Growing up I always had huge tonsils and would get constant ear infections and sore throats. Four years ago I had tonsilitis several times in a few months. The last case was so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night with pain. I didn’t sleep very well for a week!
    Anyway, went to the ENT, opened my mouth, and he said “Those the biggest tonsils I’ve ever seen.” Needless to say, they came out a few weeks later.
    If you need it, a tonsillectomy is a bit of a weird surgery. You can’t eat very much for about two weeks, and the pain doesn’t get bad until about 7 days after the surgery.

    GOOD LUCK THOUGH! I totally understand the predisposition for tonsil issues (I used to get food stuck back there!)

    Getting your tonsils out as an adult kinda sucks!

  2. A friend mine recently had her tonsils taken out…. she says its the worst experience ever! Apparently, as an adult, it is much MUCH harder to recover from the surgery than it when you are a kid. Being that you are super fit and healthy, hopefully your recover time will be shortened. But take care of yourself and let me know if you need me to drop off some ice cream!!

  3. Hey girl! Can I just say I SO feel for you. I was plagued with strep and ear infections forever! About two years ago, I finally got my tonsils out. I had the same issue- one tonsil was ginormous. Can I just say, I have barely gotten a hint of sickness since then? It CHANGES your life. If you have any questions about the procedure/what to expect- feel free to email me. It is SO worth the week or so of pain after the surgery to get them out.

  4. savoringsarah

    UGHHH I can’t even imagine. I caught something this weekend, and my tonsils were swollen to the point that it hurt to touch my neck & I could barely breathe. My eats were VERY off because of this!! Vanilla ice cream from mcdonalds (i KNOW you know whats up!!), mountain dew slurpees from 7/11 (didnt really care what flava since i couldnt taste ANYTHING), more ice cream, and a plain baked potato. Ha!

    I hope you feel betta !!

  5. Aww, lady, I am so sorry! I think you and Mike are in the same boat. The poor guy has had tonsil and throat issues for the past few years. They keep on telling him that if he gets tonsilitis one more time, he needs them out. But having to have gone through this whole process with him for the past two years, I know that it is a bigger deal when you are not 5 anymore. 😦 Let me know if you need anything at all, you know I will send you bloggie love and bloggie goodies!


  6. Oh, no! I hope you feel better. 😦 I’ve had friends who’ve had their tonsils out as adults, and it makes the WORLD of a difference!

    When I’m sick, me = carb craving mad woman. It’s all I want to eat!!

  7. Sorry to hear you’re sick! I had my tonsils removed when I was 10, otherwise I would probably be in your same position. I definitely crave weird things when I’m sick. Comfort food all the way!

  8. lowandbhold

    My ex had that same tonsil situation. He was always on antibiotics until he got them out. Feel better!

  9. Steph so sorry you aren’t feeling great. Totally want odd foods when sick, the one I want most is buttered toast.

  10. My tastebuds have been behaving themselves this winter **knocks on wood**. Ah well, look on the bright side – at least it gives you an excuse to justify eating copious amounts of ice cream. Always a silver lining 🙂

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