They can’t all be good

Hey friends, had to stop in and say hi to all you lovelies bc ya’ll rock my world that much, seriously — but I’m gonna get it right out there and let you know that this definitely is not going to be the usual fun Steph post, but I’m gonna try my best k? 🙂  E for effort, work with me here?

And instead of boring all of you with so many words, I’ll let you in on today’s events picture book style hope that’s okay?

Woke up to this randomness (so much for that “rain”)

Actually, I really woke up to this

I wish it was just the snow that put a damper in the day… I’d take it.

Excruciating throat pain that had me literally in tears, friends I have never had such bad throat pain like this before.  Called this guy’s emergency line…

He instructed me to get to this place

since the pain was so severe & I still had a fever 4 days into the antibiotics – not normal.

Nothing like going to the ER in a random morning blizzard, good thing The Man has 4 wheel drive (he’s my hero, seriously this guy takes such good care of me & I am so blessed).

Found out that I have a pretty major virus in my throat which is going to cause this horrid pain for 7-10 days.  Can’t treat it, only soothe the pain

Pain medicine – which I hate, and now I remember why, bc I  have been nauseous and dizzy all day.  Not that I can eat or anything anyways…

So there’s today in a nutshell…. you will most likely never catch this girl complaining about “such a terrible work day” again.  At least I really not hope for a while 😉

Needless to say, today has been so bad that there was not even a thought of cooking, so sorry about the lack of fun eats  😦  I can’t even swallow food unless it’s (1) cold and (2) mushy, and that’s only if I’m not on those dreadful pain meds…

How’s that for tonsil surgery prep?  Guess I’m going for the no-solid-food for a month record…

Which, by the way, don’t know how this will impact and have to get back with the ENT in a few days to make sure it’s still on.

So sorry if I’m throwing myself my own pity party here (and that I invited ya’ll friends apparently), but sometimes when I have a bad day, I’m only human and it’s hard to hide. 

And thanks for sticking through this post if you did, I appreciate you friends more than you know and am just praying that I can get back to myself sooner rather than later (this Steph sucks!!!) 😉

I guess I should leave on a happy note, which is pictures of the “eats” I’ve had today, they were not only delicious but also soothed the heck outta my throat!


Maybe there is a silver lining? 🙂

Have a wonderful night my friends, and my thoughts are with all of you north of us getting hammered with this current snow storm.  Stay safe and warm.



12 responses to “They can’t all be good

  1. ughhhhhhhhhh! You poor poor baby! I hope you feel better baby doll! My heart is with you!

  2. Oh honey! I am hoping the pain meds do their thing and stop making you feel more nauseous 😦

  3. Nooo, I am so sorry 😦

    And DO NOT apologize for being negative. You can have a b**** fest if you need. I hope you get better ASAP. My thoughts will be with you.


  4. Oh no!! I hope that yucky virus clears out soon!! 😦

  5. girl I’ll come to your pity party anyday! **hugs**

  6. I am so sorry to read about your throat issues and that it hasn’t gotten better yet! I can only imagine the pain your in! I really hope that you get some relief soon and maybe your able to eat lots of ice cream and smoothies sooner than later? Feel better!

  7. Aw, I’m so sorry your throat is still giving you so much trouble! Tonsils suck 😦 You’re in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery- keep enjoying those smoothies!

  8. noooo! I’m so sorry you feel like crap. 😦 I’m sure you’re getting stir crazy and although I joke about wanting to be sick (so I wouldn’t have to work), I know it has to be VERY frustrating to say the least. Hang in there and feel better, girl!!

  9. Hang in there girl 🙂 You are in our thoughts and prayers!!! Glad that your man is there to take care of you 🙂 Smoothies aren’t too bad, promise 🙂 HAHA

  10. Fell better soon! I’m sorry you are having such a time with your throat issues. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

  11. Hey Steph! This is so weird…I have had almost all of the same symptoms as you! Last Wednesday night I all of a sudden spiked a fever and came down with the sore throat (white patches and all), finally went to the doc Sunday (we were snowed in all weekend!!), got some pretty intense antibiotics, and I’m still not 100% – 8 days since I got sick. I went back to work yesterday though. Since the antibiotics didn’t work right away, I think I probably had a virus too…a really nasty one at that; my gums were even inflamed/red and I have sores all over my mouth. So, my tonsils are almost healed but now I have these sores all over my mouth that need to heal. It’s awful. So…I feel your pain 😦 Avoid dairy – it causes a film to coat your throat/mouth that can be difficult to swallow. I have an appt with an ENT soon too…you’ll have to give me the gruesome play by play of your surgery recovery, because I’m headed down that road as well!! Feel better soon – and remember, you WILL get better, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now!! Also, something I did that helped, was to fill 2 ziploc bags with ice and put one on each side of my neck to help with the gland swelling. It was a nice distraction too!

  12. Awww babycakes I am so sorry you have to go through all this!!! Being sick is the worst and being all hopped up on pain meds is no better 😦 Just try to get lots of sleep and once you get those tonsils out you will be so much better!

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