Whoa chocolate overload, look what The Man gave me!

We decided to do low-key gifts this year and plan on really celebrating when we get to make our trip to the wineries & the Ashby Inn soon (post-surgery) so this was definitely a welcomed surprise 🙂

I reminded him that I really can’t exercise, so if I eat all these chocolates it’ll be him that has to suffer those consequences 😉

He was cool with it, which is why I love him so 😛

Speaking of exercise, I ended up getting in two mini-workouts today which was the perfect way to ease back into things.  This morning was a 20 minute yoga session and this afternoon this 20 minute Bikini Body Workout on ExTv (I loved this!)  I am definitely not as strong post-sickness, think my body is still in recovery mode, but it felt good to get moving and splitting things up was perfect 🙂

We decided that since today was Lucy Dog’s birthday, she needed a day out on the town!  So The Man and I took the pup to PetSmart (even let her ride in the bmw!) and she had a blast… sniffing everything in sight I tell ya.

We got her some fun bones & toys to celebrate, but she wouldn’t let us leave until she tried on a new summer dress…

P.S. she is wearing a gentle leader bc she pulls on the leash like crazy, helps us to control ‘the situation’

She also wanted to make sure I captured a pic from her “good side” 😉


Biggest dog ever that loves wearing clothes, you think I’m kidding?  She wags her tail and immediately sits whenever I get her sweater out, whoever had her before I adopted her must have also dressed her up bc she is a D.I.V.A.!

Snacks today included a ‘fun-fetti’ smoothie as I like to call it 🙂


Papaya, strawberries, spinach, ice & peanut butter (? don’t ask, but it was good ?) all blended up… resembles this guy? No? haha

Valentine’s Day dinner was a plan for a dish that the both of us could enjoy, so I got out the trusty slow cooker to help me out along with a few other friends.

Cooked up 1 diced onion in a lil’ EVOO & gave 4 medium potatoes a peel and chop.


Then added them to the crock pot along with some of my leftover homemade chicken stock (which freezes just beautifully!) and some S&P, “set it & forget it” for 6 hours!

Once time was up, I used the infamous immersion blender to give these a good smoosh right from the comforts of the crockpot and voila!

Yea, no so pretty… YETTTTTTTTT!  Here comes the good stuff 😉

Cheese & light cream, where ya been all my life?

I also baked up some hickory smoked bacon in the oven, love this method!

All served up, soup topped w/ sauted onions, bacon & extra cheese 🙂

What a perfectly indulgent way to spend Valentine’s Day, at least I think so.  And even better news, I could eat the bacon (where there’s a will, there’s a way? 😉 )!!  My throat & body are feeling seriously at about 93% right now for the first time since last weekend… I am in HEAVEN! 

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am really excited to get back to work tomorrow.  I haven’t been in quite some time thanks to this horrid sickness & sometimes you don’t realize how nice things are when you are healthy until that gets taken away.  So I’m going to most likely be the annoying chipper Monday morning girl tomorrow – don’t play, ya’ll all know “him/her” haha – as long as this get well thing keeps goin’ on track 🙂

With that being said, I better get back to my Valentine & enjoy the last of our Sunday evening… 

Hope all of you had a most wonderful day however it was spent and see ya on the flipside!


6 responses to “93%

  1. glad the throat sitch was fixed just in the knick o’ time for bacon-ating. Hope you get over that last 7% tonight!

  2. Yay! So glad you are feeling better today! I’m going to be annoyingly chipper at work tomorrow too since it’ll be my first day since I quit my last job haha. And PB in smoothies is delicious – no lie. 🙂

  3. That soup looks so good! Catch up with you tomorrow…enjoy your first day back at work.

  4. Yummm for the chocolate- that’s the best part of Vday! It’s so cute you brought Lucy to PetSmart for her bday. What a nice doggy mommy!

  5. hahahahaha. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the smoothie was…hmmm, looks like something I might see in a diaper here shortly. I’m sure it was mighty tasty though

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