How’s that for a monday?

Good evening my lovelies 🙂

Hope ya’ll had a nice day off / day back to work / day doing whatever it was that you did!  My work day flew by, and I even stayed almost an hour and a half late too… how’s that for a Monday?!

After being sick for so long it felt grandddddddd, not gonna lie. 

So the countdown to tonsil showdown starts today grrrr, and I’ve been instructed to stop with the ibuprofen so I don’t bleed to death and all… good thing my throat is finally feeling close to normal so I took those orders immediately (scared!)

I was so excited about all the feedback I got in regards to my comment on cutting down on meat… now don’t you bloggies worry though, I still lurve me some well cooked chicken, pork & steak and will never be able to give those up.  But it’s all about moderation right?  Which means I’m going to try my best to make 2-3 non-meat based meals per week ’cause I still love zee meat (TWSS?), as long as it’s from a good source and I can feel good about eating it! 🙂

Speaking of meat, tonight it was time for an easy quick dinner with some chicken.  First “normal” dinner (by my current personal standards of course) in quite some time, I was excited 😀

And since I got home late was definitely happy to have something easy & healthy to turn too!

Chicken Stir-Fry

Got out the key playas.

If you remember I scored some of this sauce a few weeks back at Whole Foods for a mere $0.94 w/ a coupon and tried it out here – turned out fantastic (I am picky about pre-made sauces like this, trust!)

Gave the veggies a stir-fry in da wok

Removed, then gave the chicken a stir-fry too.

Cooked up the rice noodles, hey why not stir-fry them as well…

All together now!

And served it on up 🙂

Doesn’t get better than that – take that take out 😛

Now off to watch our favorite Monday night shows (repeats, whatevs?! maybe I can talk The Man into some Bachelor watching action ha… rightttttt 😉 ) and enjoy feeling good for the first time in a while… it’s the simple things, right?  Hope all of you have a glorious night and I’ll see you tomorrow!


10 responses to “How’s that for a monday?

  1. Your dinner looks so.dang.good! That looks way better and way more fresh than take out. Nice work lady. 🙂

    Definitely watch the Bachelor. I may be a ‘tad’ bit obsessed!

  2. “Take that take out!” hahahahaha!! You make me laugh! 😉 Dinner looks so delicious!! I love stir fries so much!!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better and had a kick butt Monday! What a great home version of takeout you made for din din too! Get some relaxing in girl- you deserve it!

  4. no need for takeout after that meal! YUMMMMM send some my way?

  5. oh god I could totes never go veg. Me love meaaaaat.

  6. that stir fry looks sooo goood! i LOVE some chicken in that!!

  7. OMG! That dinner looks so good!

  8. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! I love stir fries, they’re so quick and easy!

  9. It’s weird because sometimes I will just (by coincidence) cook veg meals for the week, and think – huh! I haven’t had meat all week! And I don’t really miss it. HowEVER, I’m with you in that I could never EVER give it up completely. I love the taste, and it just makes me feel satisfied when I eat it. Nothin’ beats some chicken and steak! ooh – and fish, too.

    I’m so glad you are feeling better – you deserve it after this past week!

  10. That is some beautiful dish, you are right there is not need for take-out! SOOOOOOOOO glad to see that you are doing better 🙂 Enjoy your evening!

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