Unexpected date night out!

Hello hello everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful mid-week evening 🙂

I’m gonna have to make this quick, because American Idol is on in a hot second… but I just must tell you friends about the fabulous dinner we had tonight!

Plans with The Man’s dental work ended up changing so we decided that is was time for a nice night out so that I could enjoy a delicious meal & some drinks before the big surgery!  On a side note:  I also came home to a completely clean house & washed dishes, sometimes it’s the little things that just mean the world 🙂

We ended up heading back to a place that we’ve been before, just because it was so impressive last time that I just couldn’t imagine going anywhere else tonight.


The coziness of the fireplace, the delicious simplicity of the food plus a selection of wines that can’t be beat, I am in love with this place 😉

To start things off I ordered two “3 oz. pours” (right Brit :P) and was apparently channeling my inner Australian?!

  1. Chardonnay, Hope, Australia
  2. Cabernet/Shiraz/Merlot, Ironberry, Australia

The red was sooooo good, the Chard was good but nothing impressive.  Either way, I savored every sip bc it’s going to be a while… 😉

To share we ordered the Caprese Crostini, which was a favorite the last time around and just too good to pass up again!

Rustic baguette drizzle w/ extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & coarse black pepper served with oven roasted tomato, whole milk mozzarella, balsamic glaze & fresh basil.

Perfect, no other words come to mind 😀

To go with we ended up sharing the Cuban Panini w/ side salad (topped w/ dried cranberries & walnuts), more than enough food for 2!

Rustic campagne bread with tender smoked pork layered with thinly shaved ham, aged provolone cheese, sweet pickles & spicy ground mustard, grilled fresh.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here friends and declare this the best sandwich I have ever had.  This sandwich was ah-may-zing, I don’t even know how to describe how good it was.  Okay twist my arm, here goes:  this sammie could be the sole reason I will never be able to not eat meat – how’s that 😉

Whoa blurry, guess this pic was feelin’ the wine too mwuhaha

Alright, and I’m out!  I’ll see you lovelies tomorrow for the last day of ‘normal eats’ pre-surgery Friday… hope it’s a good one!

Nighty night 🙂



6 responses to “Unexpected date night out!

  1. Oh how fun!! And so romantic that you shared the meal!! 🙂

  2. Glad you had a nice “last supper” before surgery tomorrow! Good luck with everything 🙂

  3. WOW what a great meal! good luck tommo!

  4. ohhhh, ambiance! sounds lovely!!

    good luck tomorrow, woman! at least you can look forward to the dude spoon-feeding you greek yogurt in bed 🙂

  5. One of my yoga teachers was telling me about that place and I keep meaning to check it out. Everything looks awesome!

  6. That meal looks fantastic!!!

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