Hiding the almond milk?

Hello Monday night-ees!  Hope everyone had a great start to their week 🙂

I’m currently on my favorite recovery couch all snuggled up and watching some intellectual television (yea right, try The Bachelor haha) 😛

I’m so glad that all of you are enjoying the smoothies & random eats I’ve been making and that you have been so patient with my irregular posting & lack of normal cooking adventures!  Thanks again for being such fabulous peeps 😉

I wanted to share with you friends another product that I’ve been trying out during this recovery phase & one that I am loving:  Carrot Juice!

I’m pretty sure this is about as close to good for you as juice can get?!

And since I’ve had some free time I’ve been doing some research on the benefits of many of the new products I’ve been exploring (Kefir, coconut oil, Amazing Grass superfood, carrot juice, etc.) and have learned so much!  I really find it hard to believe that these aren’t aiding in my speedy recovery – foods can seriously work magic sometimes 🙂

So The Man had his manly man basketball games tonight so there was no big kitchen adventures going on, kept it simple and basic with something that both of us could enjoy.

Oh yes, Mac n’ Cheese strikes again!  Fanatic diet is outta control this week 😛

And since I can’t do dairy still, I decided to give it a whirl with some plain Almond milk

 I also added a bit of butter & light cream to The Man’s batch….think he’ll ever know there was ‘fake’ milk in there? 😉  Nahhhh

Turned out perfectly, take that dairy 😛

Plus some pepperoni pizza rolls that I had frozen a while back served w/ homemade marinara sauce for him (this would be like death to my throat right now haha)

When we made homemade pizza last night there was additional leftover sauce which I found the most fun way to store for later use (i.e. tonight)!

Remember all that baby food I was consuming the day after surgery?  Oh yes, these jars all washed up make the cutest little storage containers!

And now I think it’s time for another coconut milk chocolate ice cream & coconut kefir mix up — this beats any sundae I’ve ever had!  The sweet choco-coconut of the icecream combined with a bit of “tang” from the Kefir is just amazinggggg 🙂

On the agenda tomorrow is continuing to feel better, #1 priority these days! 

I’ll be spending my day with Mommy dearest once again and I won’t lie in that I love hanging out with that woman and wish every day could be spent like this with her (well sans tonsil massacre of course 😉 )

There may be some dinner cooking going on as well, but not too sure of exactly what that may be (so spontaneous these days eh?)

Oh and I have to tell you friends that I am working on a new post that I’m super excited about based on some requests that I’ve received!  It has to do with my meal planning & frugal grocery shopping strategies – and what better time to come at this refreshed after a few weeks of such sporadic eats 🙂  I hope it will turn out well.

Alrighty, enjoy your night and see ya on the flip side 😀



7 responses to “Hiding the almond milk?

  1. I love carrot juice!! OH and I Left you an award on my blog!!

  2. I know the power of food is amazing! We had carrot juice today too!!

    The kefir with ice cream – YUM!!

  3. I had no idea you could use almond milk in mac and cheese! That’s great to know!! And your dessert sounds quite fabulous!! Enjoy all that time with with your mama!! 🙂

  4. Hey any excuse to eat copious amounts of mac n’ cheese is good in my book 🙂 It’s one of my all time favorite foods!

  5. I agree that food has healing properties! I hope all the goodies you’ve been enjoying lately will aid in your recovery.

    I have a huge jug of carrot juice in my fridge right now. I think I’m going to make some pumpkin pie in a bowl soup!

  6. Okay – you convinced me. I’m tryin’ Kefir!!!

    Um…and what did you think of the Bach? Roz? Say whaaaaat? I canNOT believe she said that to Chris Harrison (re: flirting with the producer’s wife). I ❤ CH!!!

  7. That smoothie sounds absolutely amazing…I have to find both kefir and coconut ice cream! Love that you made dairy free mac and cheese. When I see those recipes, I’m always reminded how little of a sacrifice it is to be vegan!

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